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I could never live without your love  performed by Craig Scott  1970
Recommended by Ron1967-1970 [profile]

This Australian popsong was recorded at the same time by two performers: solo singer Craig Scott and Toomorrow (which included Olivia Newton-John). I like both versions, but the Scott version has that extra bit that makes it better than the group sound. Delightful slice of orchestrated feel-good pop. It must be said that the Australians as well as the French, were the uncrowned kings of cover versions of songs, but from time to time they produced originals ... not too many, but some like this one. Great uplifting, positive song...

Deep inside my heart  performed by Blond  1970
Recommended by Ron1967-1970 [profile]

Another one that came to mind just now, was a great orchestrated ballad from the Scandinavian group Blond (former members of The Tages). Fanstastic piece of work...
Once again... goes crescendo and explodes in the climax ... wow indeed

Wake me I am dreaming  performed by Love Affair  1970
Recommended by Ron1967-1970 [profile]

To most people The Love Affair will always be connected with their hits "everlasting love" , "rainbow valley" or "a day without love" ... undoubtably great songs which had lots of airplay and all made it into the charts. BUT ... there was trouble inside the group. The members wanted to play a more progressive sound and get rid of their pop-image. So a deal was made with the producer... he picked material for the a-side, the group could record a progressive tune on the b-side. One of those great a-sides was recorded in 1970 and released in 1971. "Wake me I am dreaming" has all the elements of their hit sound, but was hardly played. Why ? No idea, because it has the commercial potential it needed. Maybe it's due to the fact that the overall music scene was changing rapidly (country rock, glamrock, etc)... they surely deserved a hit with this orchestrated melodramatic ballad

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough  performed by Diana Ross  1970
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

Proving once and for all that she could carry herself as a solo artist and sing a dramatic love song, Ms. Ross slowed down the tempo and sank her emotions into this wonderful tale of unending love and devotion. The original full-length version clocks in at 6:16 but was brutally chopped down to around 3:30 for radio airplay and some of the song's most intimate words are removed. Sadly, the shorter version was featured on her box set a few years back. (what were they thinking???!!!) Get your hands on the 6 minute version and enjoy a true classic american song by a great american artist!

from Diana Ross, available on CD (Motown 440 016 818)

  11 Jan 03 ·Mister C: I agree with you, the full length version of this is wonderful, as is her full length version of Reach Out I'll Be There recorded in 1971.
Bridge Over Troubled Water  performed by Simon and Garfunkel  1970
Recommended by FlyingDutchman1971 [profile]

What a beautiful song from one of the most influential duos of the 1960's. Paul Simon has written some of the best songs of this past century and this is among his finest. The moving orchestration featuring piano, violins, and the booming kettle drums convey the emotions of this song in a way that transcends time. It is still as moving as it was 32 years ago at the time it was released!

from Bridge Over Troubled Water, available on CD (Columbia/Legacy 66004)

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