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Summer Sound  performed by Joe & Bing (aka Best Of Friends)  1970
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

Fantastic piece of gentle soft rock, filled with simple and effective bittersweet lyrics. Soundwise, delicado appropriately described it in his review as a "cooler and classier take on the Chad & Jeremy sound with superior performances, songwriting and arrangements". I can absolutely subscribe to that description, the whole album is a long lost softrock gem.

from Daybreak (Rev-Ola CR REV 80), available on CD

Soldier  performed by Spirit  1970
Recommended by rassy23 [profile]

From The 12 Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus, this final track on side 2 has got to be one of the most beautiful songs with its full organ sound underpinning fragile high register vocals that develop into harmonies that send shivers all over. Recorded at a studio picked for it's resident organ, the quality of the recording is crystal!

from The 12 Dreams of Dr Sardonicus (Epic 30267)

Cruel Sister  performed by Pentangle  1970
Recommended by rum [profile]

A bewitching song about a young woman who, to win the hand of a handsome knight, does her rival sister in. The dead girl then comes back to haunt the �black-haired bride� as a harp fashioned from her breast bone and three locks of her hair. �Cruel� may seem too kindly a description of a girl who when her sister pleads, �Oh Sister, Sister, let me live, and all that�s mine I�ll surely give� says, �It�s your own true love I have and more, but thou shalt never come ashore� before abandoning her body to the rough North Sea. Cruel? Should the sister therefore be scalded for her little� transgression? She�s an evil and monstrous sister, surely? But then this is centuries past, a time when sibling murder and human harps were commonplace. I am not likely to understand in this more civilised 21st century. Which may be why the kids don�t really dig British folk music anymore, or the mighty Pentangle. And it�s a crying shame because this is a stunning track, hauntingly sung by Jacqui McShee. I hesitate to use the term �masterpiece� in case that great oracle of, fmars, overhears and tells me that I�m wrong.

from Cruel Sister

  02 Jun 05 ·konsu: Alright.In your own special way you've convinced me rum. I've been told for years to pick up some Pentangle by certain freinds (the ones who hear me playing Steeleye Span). Surely I must be missing out on something... I will consult the great one.
  03 Jun 05 ·rum: Heh-heh, thank you. I�m certain you�ll appreciate these, you�ve got eclectic taste, you�re not gonna be out for my blood (unlike all those that have begged and borrowed, stolen from their dying grandmothers, to buy Manowar CDs). And they�re no way as folk folk as the Span, they spin out an equally eclectic mix of folk, jazz, blues, rock and Elizabethan dances. It�s time people stopped harping on how great it was that the Velvets, the Stooges, punk etc made you wanna go out and form a band. So simple they sounded. Pentangle are so incredibly talented, so learned, so jazz, but still so unassuming and cool, they make you want pack up the band, trash the guitar, and burn down your house. Or is that Jet? I don�t know now. Well anyway the �Sweet Child� album is the one.
Zozoi  performed by France Gall and Cesar Camargo Mariano  1970
Recommended by Festy [profile]

One time member of the Sambalan�o Trio, Cesar Camargo Mariano, teams up with French teenage seductress, France Gall for this fast-paced jazz-samba. Her voice oozes innocence but also sex, like a French Astrud Gilberto. A true coquette.
The band was recorded in Brazil, the vocals recorded and overdubbed later in France. This track evokes the "international" feel of the 60's where covert deals were done in international airport lounges and in the back of limousines.

available on CD - Mondo Bossa (Premier)

glad tidings  performed by Van Morrisson  1970
Recommended by moondog [profile]

These days van the man seems merely content going down the pub and making up another zzzz soul blues jam that makes him dream of his younger days. But boy did he make music once ! Especially this hidden gem of blue eyed soul with a dash of that brown eyed girl melody he does so well. Perfect for escaping a grey november day .

from Moondance, available on CD

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