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Temptation  performed by New Order  1982
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Although far less well known than the 12" version and the 1987 'substance' rerecording, I'm utterly in love with this 7" version. I think perhaps the band hate it, since it doesn't seem ever to have appeared on CD, and was not even on the recent 'Retro' box set. At a little over 5 minutes long, it just seems much more focused and affecting to me than the overlong 12" version and the scrappy 1987 version.

It opens with that hypnotic beat/synth sound that has become famous since the song was used in various film soundtracks (most famously, Trainspotting, and most recently, 24 hour party people. Both used the later, rubbish version though). On this version, there's a twangy guitar sound added over the top of the introduction. The other main difference from other versions is vastly improved vocals (particularly over the 1987 version), and that wonderful early New Order guitar sound, as witnessed on other classic tracks like 'Ceremony' and 'Procession'. Like a handful of other tracks I've recommended, it's hard for me to be completely objective about this one, because I've adored it since my mid-teens. But having just bought an extra copy of the single, I'm happy to report that it sounds as brilliant as ever.

This recording showcases a raw and under-appreciated New Order/Joy Division sound that mixes early synth sounds and beats with punky guitars in a really beautiful and affecting way. I still enjoy their later stuff, but it's tracks like this that really attract me to the band.

from the single Temptation (Factory fac63)

  05 Mar 03 ·n-jeff: I've not heard the 7 since I was at college in 82, but there is also a version about 15-20 minutes long on one of the first "Touch" cassettes, where they have cut it with an interview. The whole thing seems to have been a lengthy Jam, edited differently for different releases. So the 7 would give you the most focused version. Compare the 7 and 12 edits of the KLF's "3am Eternal" for the enhancing effect of a great edit.
  07 Mar 03 ·Genza: I totally agree with everything delicado says. Early New Order rocks. Everything after and including Blue Monday is more poppy - and I can live with that. But most of their albums are very patchy - with half the tracks good and the other half almost unlistenable. But Temptation is an utter, utter classic. And I just love Dreams Never End, Cries and Whispers and In a Lonely Place. Well, any early New Order - it all that has tinny dance-music quality but still holds that desolate Joy Division sound.
temptation  performed by billy stewart  1966
Recommended by olli [profile]

great version of this song from calypso-influenced soul singer billy stewart. the opening track from a pretty fun album named "billy stewart teaches old standards new tricks", wich i bought mainly because of its insane cover artwork. it consists of fun, sometimes inventive soul reinterpretations of various old chestnuts.

from billy stewart teaches old standards new tricks

  30 Apr 04 ·konsu: Nice one! Not one of his best albums, but the best cut by far. He had some really nice minor hits in his time. "Sitting In The Park" always makes me swoon, and his version of "Summertime" has to be heard to be believed!
  30 Apr 04 ·olli: yeah, i totally agree, his version of summertime is amazing. from what i heard, that was actually the track that brought him into recording, as he won a talent show with it in the forties. i'm currently hunting down some of his more "critically acclaimed" work. this lp (new tricks) was my first exposure to him, and i liked the glimpse i got from that enough to start looking for mp3's of his other work. now, to get that precious vinyl....
Temptation  performed by VAST
Recommended by VBalian [profile]

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