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Neptune’s Hep Tune  performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim  1966
Recommended by delicado [profile]

An unusal Jobim track, which was recorded in Brazil and is much rougher around the edges than most of his better known work. This track explodes into action half way through with some killer jazz piano.

The big news that I just found out is that this isn't really a Jobim track at all! Apparently, this is really just the work of Deodato and Gaya, even though Jobim's name was put on the cover for the US audience.

from Love, Strings and Jobim (Warner Brothers WS1636), available on CD (Warner UK)

  24 Jun 04 ·brasilnut: This song is actually "morte de um deus de sal" by Marcos Valle
  24 Jun 04 ·eftimihn: And actually the whole album isn't an Jobim album at all, it was originally titled "Tom Jobim apresenta". The purpose was to benefit from Jobims name (and fame) to introduce new brazilian artists to american audiences. The confusion resulted, if i remember correctly, in the fact that the musicians names were not credited on the album and people thought this must be a Jobim album.
Hear in Here  performed by The Association  1968
Recommended by tinks [profile]

My favorite track on what may very well be the Association's best album. Great late-60s pop that brings to mind the Monkees' "For Pete's Sake".

from Birthday (Warner Brothers), available on CD (Warner Japan)

A moment to share  performed by Charles Fox  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Stunning. Atmospheric, laid back and hip mood instrumental by 'Barbarella' collaborator Charles Fox, featuring strings, picked electric guitar and some surprising chord changes.

from Goodbye Columbus - soundtrack (Warner Brothers)

  22 Sep 01 ·audiocarp: well, you know what we do with "collaborators"...
  08 May 04 ·masayo: Yeah, I agree with you. I do love this tune's chord changes. They are unexpected but dramatic. For me, So Kind To Me is my most favorite track in this soundtrack, especially the last overlapped chorus is terrific. Anyway, Love American Style, Girl, Love Boat...the more I know about Charles Fox's works, the more I think he is a genius.
  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: This is really, really nice. So typical of late '60's American soundtrack music. There was another film out at the same time called 'April Fools' and it had a very similar sound. Lovely horns!
The Jeweler  performed by Pearls Before Swine  1969
Recommended by Sem Sinatra [profile]

I first heard Tom Rapp's music via the version of 'The Jeweller' on one of the This Mortal Coil albums. From their first album on, Pearls Before Swine used a broad palette of sounds, in contrast with many of the garage punk guitar combos popular at the time and stood out like a sore thumb on the ESP Disk label (later Warners). It's one of the moving songs I've ever heard. Plaintive strings, understated brass and the most restrained steel guitar ever. Rapp's lisp contributes to the atmosphere of the song beautifully. 'Rocket Man' is a cracker too. That's also on this complimation.

from The Use of Ashes (Warner Brothers)
available on CD - Constructive Melancholy - 30 Years Of Pearls Before Swine (Radio Birdman)

Anything At All  performed by Crosby, Stills & Nash  1977
Recommended by G400 Custom [profile]

Could this be the most self-aware song ever written? 'I'm the world's most opinionated man,' sings sweet-voiced David Crosby in a tone of utter resignation. Bear in mind he'd already dealt with fame, failure, bereavement, heroin, booze and yachting by this point. It's a very stripped-down arrangement, with even CSN's trademark harmony kept to a minimum. And Crosby's rueful laugh towards the end is a real killer. Should I die soon, stop by my funeral and you'll hear this song... From a very underrated album, recorded after that toerag Neil Young had come and gone.

from CSN, available on CD (Warner Brothers)

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