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Reverend Killer  performed by The Big Dish  1986
Recommended by Mike [profile]

My introduction to this Scottish band was when they supported Lloyd Cole and the Commotions at a December 1985 gig. I liked them a lot that night, but actually their three albums don't contain that much to shout about - maybe a couple of quite good tracks per album.

However, "Reverend Killer", a song not included on any of their albums, is knock-out, excellent guitar-based pop with a hint of synth deep in the mix, and enough harmonic movement to make up for the lack of rhythmic variety or interest.

from Slide CD EP (Virgin DISH 1)

Round the Bend  performed by The Beta Band  1998
Recommended by sunexplodes [profile]

this is just a ridiculously upbeat song about social ineptitude, more or less. has a very creative, brian wilson-ish sound to it, and is very playful.

"i can't even go to the supermarket, let alone go to egypt, to see my favorite pyramid."

from The Beta Band

"Lazy Calm"  performed by Cocteau Twins  1986
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Rather than single out any song on this record, i'll recommend the album as a whole. A journey to Paradise in sound. Robin Guthrie & Elisabeth Fraser have moved beyond their post punk/goth beginnings to forge a style i would call ambient -rock. This record & the following record "The Moon and the Melodies", with the addition of Harold Budd & Simon Raymonde is also pure heaven.

from "Victorialand", available on CD (4AD)

Electronic renaissance  performed by Belle & Sebastian  1996
Recommended by mattias [profile]

Very different from the usual sound of Belle & Sebastian. Always gets me in a good mood.

from Tigermilk (Jeepster)

Dark of the Matinee  performed by Franz Ferdinand
Recommended by sillysne [profile]

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