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Sleep The Clock Around  performed by Belle & Sebastian  1998
Recommended by penelope_66 [profile]

Beautiful, uplifting synth-crossed acoustic sound with their typical hint of sinister mood lingering throughout. Streaming trumpet, whirling keyboard and delicate vocals singing of a hit and miss existence. "Take a walk in the park, take a valium pill/Read the letter you got from the memory girl/But it takes more than this to make sense of the day/Yeah it takes more than milk to get rid of the taste." This and "Electronic Renaissance" are my two favorites by this group, and incidentally stand apart in sound from everything else they've created. Do your ears a favor and hear it...

available on CD - The Boy With The Arab Strap (Matador)

  03 Dec 01 ·delicado: yeah, great song. 'electronic renaissance' is from 'tiger milk', right? If it's the one I'm thinking of, I'm a big fan as well; I particularly enjoy the way it appropriates the mood of New Order's 'Procession'.
  15 Dec 01 ·penelope_66: yes, electronic renaissance is from tiger milk, which is their first album, and best in my opinion. the synth does add a bit of new order quality to it, now that you meantion it. Mmaybe that's why i like it so much...
  01 Mar 02 ·two-headed boy: Has to be one of my favorite B&S songs for the simple reason of the bag pipe howl at the end. Incredible arrangers to be sure. "Electronic Renaissance" is a wonderful tune as well, establishes Tiger Milk as their best attempt, a sprawling masterpiece.
  25 May 05 ·frmars: "Delicate singing" stands here for bad singing and quaveringvoice, "streaming trumpet" for rather cheap synth preset. Melody is rather uninteresting and ultra repetitive. I have often tried Belle & Sebastian. It is a very mediocre band.
  28 May 05 ·konsu: This coming from a guy (fmars) who thinks Brian Eno can sing.
safety net  performed by shop assistants  1985
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

the little sisters of jesus and mary chain? fuzzed guitars, drumming is far far back. a true great pop song.

from the single safety net (53rd and 3rd records agarr 001)

  18 Feb 02 ·n-jeff: I've instantly come over all nostalgic. A true great song. I've just discovered Australia Spiderbait who operate in the same zone, but in a more modern style.
legal man  performed by belle & sebastian  2000
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

i once met these guys at a festival. we discussed belle & sebastian and they went 'let stuart sing his songs and kick the looper-man out of the group as well as that gentle waves-chick' i don't remember my reply... legal man is a perfect example of belle & sebastian as a group i think. the fact that i like sitar and the tempo makes me like it even more.

from legal man e.p. (jeepster)
available on CD - legal man (jeepster)

  20 Feb 02 ·delicado: Although I have most of their records, I'd never heard this track before, and it really surprised me. It sounds almost like a vintage organ/sitar instrumental, but then the drumming gives it kind of a stone roses feel. Interesting stuff!
Whitewater  performed by Boards of Canada  1996
Recommended by Synthetrix [profile]

An influential track from an influential duo.

from BOC MAXIMA (Music70)

American English  performed by Idlewild  2002
Recommended by Carrie [profile]

Now I understand,
Why words mean so much to you,
They'll never be about you..

Roddy (singer/writer) says that �American English� is about �how ever single love song ever written is written about the person who wrote it, nobody else�.

from The Remote Part, available on CD

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