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Suspended From Class  performed by Camera Obscura  2004
Recommended by autopilot [profile]

Do you like soft rock? Belle & Sebastien? 60's pop?

If you answered yes to the above, this song (and the whole album) is a must listen. Twee vocals, cheeky lyrics, delicate harmonies and the occasional trumpet solo fill out a song about a schoolgirl crush gone wrong.

Quite simply a perfect song for lying in a grassy field watching the sun set.

from Underachievers Please Try Harder (Merge B00015HVWO), available on CD

All For You Sophia  performed by Franz Ferdinand
Recommended by autopilot [profile]

Before the (deserved) hype and the sell out concerts, this tune- a B Side on one of their earlier EPs- was the first Franz tune I'd ever heard.

The raw, slightly out of tune vocals, the wonky synth/organ riffs, the lyrics about Archduke Ferdinand's assassination by Gavrillo Princip, as sung to his wife Sophia? How can anyone resist?

It's a shame they don't play this live at their shows!

Yo Tengo Un Novio Que Me lleva La Bahia Que Me Dice Mia Mia Que  performed by Belle & Sebastian  1999
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Any Belle & Sebastian fans out there who can verify if this track is by them? It's so very different from what they normally do!

  11 Oct 04 ·tasneem82: i have been trying to figure this track out for a couple of years now. it's not on any of their albums, i don't think, but wherever you try to download it from lists it as a b&s song. ???
  11 Oct 04 ·pleasepleaseme: Even more brillant if it is them!
  16 Oct 04 ·nerdo: This song does not appear to be by Belle & Sebastian. It is by a group called Los Ninos and it is called Toma Que Toma. Check out this link for more
a space boy dream  performed by belle & sebastian
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

wear your love like heaven  performed by donovan
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

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