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With this love  performed by Peter Gabriel  1989
Recommended by moondog [profile]

Peter Gabriel may be a thing of the eighties but this track from Martin Scorses film Passion of the christ makes me cry nearly evertime i hear it. Just a flute and a hymn like melody that offers a consolation that i have hard to find in any art form than popular music.

from Passion, available on CD

Big Time  performed by Peter Gabriel  1986
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

An even funkier hit single than "Sledgehammer" ? which had an epic groove but was too slow to actually dance to ? "Big Time" is a sardonic response to yuppie materialism with the funniest lyrics of Peter Gabriel's entire career. (The ending of the song, stopping just before the obvious punch line to all this discussion of how preternaturally huge everything in Gabriel's charmed life is, is a small moment of brilliance.) But the brilliance of the song is in the way it ties all that Gabriel had been learning about African percussion and Middle Eastern melodies ever since the days of his third solo album and ties them all into the service of a walloping great groove, making plain the connections between North Africa and Stax-Volt once and for all. The combination of talking drum and wah-wah guitar owes as much to Booker T and the MGs as it does to King Sunny Ade, which is both the key to "Big Time" and a clue as to why Gabriel's later, more explicitly world music focused albums just aren't as much fun.

from So, available on CD (EMI)

Solsbury Hill  performed by Peter Gabriel  1977
Recommended by schlick [profile]

Gabriel's wonderful tribute to the hill overlooking Somerset, England. Nice acoustic guitar work by Steve Hunter.

from Peter Gabriel 1 (Car), available on CD (Real World)

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