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Torpedo  performed by Novi Singers  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Some incredible vocalese from Poland, of all places.

from Vocal Jazz From Poland 1965 to 1975, available on CD (JCR/Compost (Germany))

  19 Apr 01 ·delicado: yeah, great track! I highly recommend the Polski Nagrania CD of the albums 'Bossa Nova' and Torpedo' - incredible stuff...
  05 Sep 02 ·Liv: Compost records (of Jazzanova fame) have also reissued an compilation album with the Novi singers' best tracks..well worth checking out in all their glory.. Especially the contrast between the male/female voices is fresh &innovative sounding..
The Day You Take One, You Have to Take the Other  performed by The Marvelettes  1967
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Classic uptempo Motown girl sound! Fits the Berry Gordy formula so perfectly that it should have been a huge hit. Features a terrific bubbling bassline and mesmerizing finger snaps!

from The Marvelettes (Tamla)

  19 Apr 01 ·scrubbles: Ooooh, I dig this song - gotta love those Smokey Robinson lyrics! "A little bad comes along with every good/You've got to take the bitter with the sweet."
  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: Reminds me of 'Don't Mess With Bill'. Quite an old fashioned sound for 1967...The Marvelettes didn't seem to really keep up with the times. Good though.
That Chick's Too Young to Fry  performed by The Deep River Boys  1943
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Talk about double entendre! Quite possibly the best song ever to use fried chicken as a euphemism for sex with an underage girl. An excellent example of mid-40s rhythm & blues...the entire compilation is highly recommended.

available on CD - The Jive is Jumpin': RCA & Bluebird Vocal Groups (Westside)

  20 Apr 01 ·delicado: hey, that's the year my parents were born! Nice eclectic selection you're recommending...
Good!  performed by Pizzicato Five  1995
Recommended by tinks [profile]

This is my favorite song on what is currently my favorite P5 album. Three-and-a-half minutes of unadulterated Shibuya joy. I'd love to know what Konishi-san's secret to putting songs like this together is, but then I guess it'd spoil the magic. And check the brilliant lyrics! "Have a nice day, the same to you/What time baby? 9 o'clock/Gonna have a good time?/I miss you/How do you think about it?/I don't know!"

from The Sound of Music by Pizzicato Five, available on CD

  24 Apr 01 ·king8egg: this is a great version. it can also be found on the japanese release "great white wonder". the original version of this song is by the plastics.
  14 May 01 ·king8egg: oops. that should say that it can also be found on the japanese release "romantique 96". it isn't on "great white wonder".
Doop-Doo-De-Doop (A Doodlin' Song)  performed by Blossom Dearie  1958
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Blossom Dearie is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated jazz vocalists of all time. Dearie's phrasing and piano playing within the small group arrangements on this album of standards are very, very reminiscent of Mose Allison (who just so happens to be another of my all-time favorites). On this track in particular, she delivers a very charming performance, combining the innocent ingenue with the blase urbanite.

from Once Upon a Summertime, available on CD

  25 Apr 01 ·delicado: I love Blossom's stuff as well. Haven't yet heard a bad record by her. She did an unusual record in 1970 called 'that's just the way I want to be' on Fontana. It's available (coupled with 'give him the ooh la la) on a japanese CD, 'whisper for you'.
  18 Jun 01 ·tempted: Oh, and "London in the Rain". What a fabulous singer!
  07 Jul 01 ·egbdf: I have been hearing about a Japan CD which would be a reissue of Blossom Dearie's 1976 American double LP entitled 'My New Celebrity Is You'. No one however can locate it. If you can help please E me. Best Regards, egbdf.
  29 Jan 03 ·klatu: Definitely a favorite! I also love to 70 album "that's just the way i want to be" and think the version of "both sides now" blows away the Judy Collins. Also a huge fan of the schoolhouse rocks stuff "unpack your adjectives" and especially "figure eight".
  23 Apr 03 ·singjohn: A Doodlin' Song (not to be confused with "Doodlin'") apparently had an effect in it's time. Peggy Lee recorded it. It was even featured in an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show where Mary Tyler Moore and Dick did a little dance number to it in their living room for their party guests! This song is perfect for the Blossom Touch! Cute simple lyrics and melody make the tune perfect for Blossom's child-like voice and bouncy delivery. She was the voice of several of the old Schoolhouse Rock shorts that used to play in Saturday mornings in the '70's. She is also an accomplished pianist and played on many of her own recordings. Another fave Blossom tune: "Rhode Island Is Famous For You"
  24 Jun 03 ·tinks: jesus, any version of "both sides now" that isn't by judy collins blows away the judy collins version. give me dick hyman any day!
  05 Jan 04 ·norfy: check out-'both sides now'by the veteran golfer tony jacklyn-from his excrutiating late 60's album-swings into...'-a superb psych-crooning version up [or down there]with william shatner and tony bennett's 'eleanor rigby' and richard harris!! judy collins entire existence is a crime.
  31 Mar 04 ·mpanzera: Thank you, Tinks! I *love* Blossom Dearie, but hadn't heard that track yet. I recently bought the eponymous CD (with a great picture of her in glasses at the microphone...), and must have played "Tout Doucement" about a thousand times.
  09 Dec 05 ·splurben: can anyone identify the male voice singing behind blossom on this track?
  07 Nov 06 ·andy: I believe the male voice is Cy Coleman, the song's composer. I have only another website comment's word for that, but it does sound like him.
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