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Can Your Monkey do the Dog?  performed by The Tee-Set  1966
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Dutch R&Bsters lay down their finest Spencer Davis Group imitation on this Rufus Thomas classic. From their '66 LP "Emotion", which also features the Nederbeat classic "Don't You Leave".

from Emotion (Delta), available on CD (RPM)

  29 Jul 05 ·umbrellasfollowrain: I'm really interested in tracking this down. I badly want it for a friend's birthday mix cd. Do you know of anywhere that I could download the complete song online? Say you did then oh wow, would that ever be cool.
Sha La la La Lee  performed by Elmer Hockett  1968
Recommended by Ashley [profile]

It's a cover of the Small Faces classic that's about as far removed from the original as it is possible to be. Instead of replicating the mod-beat pounder, producer Mark Wirtz slows the pace down, blends in all kinds of weird percussion instruments and gooes for broke with a kitchen sink finale. Some Small Faces rate this as bordering on blasphemy, I think it's an easy listening classic

from The Fantastic Story of Mark Wirtz and the Teenage Opera (RPM 503), available on CD

Golden Lights  performed by Twinkle  1965
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This is a simple but rather bitter pop song, although on the surface it sounds quite sweet. If I recall correctly, it was written about the singer that Twinkle was seeing at the time. The gentle arrangement features acoustic guitar and some brass. It's not hard to hear why Morrissey liked this song enough to cover it with The Smiths.

Twinkle has a lovely clear voice, and much as I respect Moz, this version towers above the one done by The Smiths, which suffers from a strange mix of production styles. That said, I have a strange mix of emotions on hearing the song, since I heard the Smiths version at 14, but only got into this one in the last few years.

from the single Golden Lights
available on CD - Twinkle (RPM)

The Town I Live In  performed by Jackie Lee  1966
Recommended by unathanthium [profile]

Dramatic put down of boring towns,so good it influenced a book called Boring Towns nearly 40 years later."The town I live in has 27 churches"sings Jackie with atheistic venom.At least these days the churches will be empty or turned into flats.Bells clang,drums rumble and it all ends with Jackie so bored with her environment the song tails off with her singing "etc,etc,etc."She also did White Horses,so she deserves respect.

available on CD - Dream Babes Volume 1 (RPM)

Stop  performed by Julie Grant  1965
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

A powerful, emotional, sophisticated song, the kind that Brit-girl Julie does the best. Without resorting to mawkish affectation, the sheer hush and force of her voice can make tears well up. This was her final single for the Pye label, and a fitting tribute to one of the most consistantly good careers of all the 60's UK female singers.

from the single Stop (Pye 7N.15884)
available on CD - Count On Me! (RPM)

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