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Achaoo cha cha  performed by  Grace Chang Ge Lan
Recommended by malanima [profile] on Thursday 9th August 2001

Can you help me? I heard this song in the movie "The hole" and I'd like to listen it in mp3 format or in midi-file.

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  09 Aug 01 ·delicado: It seems that this track is sung by Grace Chang Ge Lan, who also sang 'wo yao ni de ai. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there was a soundtrack album for 'The Hole', and information on Grace Chang is very hard to come by. The only pages I could find were this and this. They mention a 'best of' CD, released in 1993 on Hong Kong EMI, which it sounds like something worth getting hold of.
  09 Aug 01 ·Aquatown: This song appears on "The Lengendary Chinese Hits Volume 11" issued by EMI Hong Kong. In North America Grace Chang CDs are quite easy to find in any city's "Chinatown". Of course the ones you find there will most likely be bootlegged copies (at a modest price).
  12 Aug 01 ·king8egg: i believe all her cds have now been deleted. at least the official ones. i'm hoping that comment about bootlegs of hers being easy to find in america's chinatowns is true because then i can finally get my hands on them the next time i'm stateside.
  13 Aug 02 ·Daddy Vegas: If the track on 'The Hole' soundtrack is the one with sneezing then this track comes from the LP 'The Wild Wild Rose' on Pathe Chinese (CPAX 306), which is neither of the two LPs on the Japanese collectors site that is linked below, neither the 10" greensleeved compilation nor the 12" LP. The track is called 'Achoo Cha Cha'. The LP cover shows Grace dancing flemenco style, full of life and looking back over her shoulder. In Hong Kong the record costs anything from 40$ to 100US$ it is very rare even in Hong Kong. My copy of the LP does not give a date, but it was recorded in Hong Kong and printed in India. It was issued by The Gramophone Company Ltd. whose headquarters at the time were in Hayes, Middlesex, England, though presummably they had a branch office somewhere in Hong Kong. There is also a great, great verion of 'Madame Butterly' on the same LP, in Chinese!
  04 Jun 03 ·looonie: i just got her compilation CD (containing 24 tracks)for a mere SGD3.50 at a local street fair. im not sure about how legal it is but it's manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Galaxie Records. it has Achoo Cha Cha, Oh Calypso, Carmen, I want you to be my baby and various other tunes.
  09 Feb 06 ·delicado: just picked up the same CD as looonie (although I paid somewhat more!). This track is indeed remarkable!

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