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Are kisses out of fashion?  performed by  Sudeten Creche  (198x)
Mood: wounded young semi-intellectual alert.
Recommended by olli [profile] on Sunday 13th March 2005

Brilliant melancholy synthpop trac. from a bootleg compilation with tracks from the german 80's new wave magazine Flexipop, wich used to come with flexidiscs and tapes.
Been trying to dig up information about the band, without much luck. from the minimalist sound of this song it may even be just one person.

It's a simple song, (complete with a preset 80's synth drumline)
yet it's very effective in conveying a romanticised sense of loss and dread. It's a good song. You can listen to it on sunday afternoons.

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  17 Mar 05 ·Erky: What do you want to know about Sudeten Creche? I can probably help ya out.
  17 Mar 05 ·olli: well, just about anything would be nice, actually:)
  21 Apr 05 ·glorious: Oh I can tell you volumes about that group. I received my first kiss while that song was playing.
  21 Apr 05 ·glorious: What would you like to know about the band?
  11 Feb 06 ·markwarner: I am surprised anyone has heard of us. It's been 24 years since we split. We only recorded 2 12" EP's. I will be happy to answer any questions.
  09 Jun 06 ·Henke: I remember the song "are kisses out of fashion?". It used to be my favourite in the early eighties (and still is one of my favourites together with New Orders "Blue monday" and ODWs "Lawnchairs") and I tried to get it but couldnt find it in sweden in the early eighties. I dated a girl who had a compilation with the song on it, unfortunately i didnt get the right upportunity to steal it....
Did "Sudeten Creche" record any more songs?
Any chance that they could be found on the internet? I guess the records are not easy to find....
Who were the members? Where are they now? Did they play live?

  18 Jun 06 ·markwarner: Website

  19 Jun 06 ·Henke: Thanx, cool sleeves, I now recocnize the EP I wanted to steal from my ex-girlfriend (Europe in the year Zero) but please give us some more info. What about the name? What does it mean????

Do I have to visit all these underground vinyl shops to try to get the songs? I have "are kisses out of fashion?" on an old cassette from around 1984 (its getting noisy)

  21 Jun 06 ·markwarner: Henke,
At the moment your best bet is probably Ebay. Most of these are seriously rare. For more information bookmark the website , be patient, all your questions will be answered and many more!

  25 Jun 06 ·Henke: I hope so, I ve heard that answer too many times on the net :-(

Has SC reformed? Will they tour this summer???? Arvikafestivalen in Sweden would be THE place for a reunion concert!

  22 Jul 06 ·markwarner: Henke, We are about to release more information via the Minimal Wave web site and also East Village Radio and we will also provide News as well via . Plans for new (and old) releases are under discussion as well as possible one-off concert in 2007. Our web site will grow from its small start and information will be added as it becomes available. I am sorry to seem vague but many of your questions are answered in our interviews for MW and EVR. You are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list for our news letter. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with more information about Arvikafestivlen (ATB Sudeten Creche.
  29 Jul 06 ·Henke:
The synth and goth festival in Sweden (well there is a lot of other music too... but mainly synth)

BTW your homepage seems to be working out fine, i just sent an email to your mailing list

  28 Aug 06 ·olli: wow, there�s been a lot happening here since the lat time i logged in! thanks for the info mark, it�s really nice to hear that you guys may be doing more in the future!

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