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Oasis  performed by  Wonderwall
Recommended by xicanti [profile] on Thursday 8th July 2004

Fine. I like it because it's mournful and I find the lyrics intriguing. Every time I listen to it, I come up with a different theory on what it might mean. It interests me.

And why NOT recommend it if I like it? If you don't, then fine, but I'll thank you not to jump down my throat because I do.

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  11 Jul 04 ·djfreshmoney: How about filling in the rest of the info, including the reasons you're recommending the song! Tell me why you think this band and the song are good! Without that, your recommendation isn't really worth anything.
  13 Jul 04 ·Undercover_Owl: I also love Wonderwall by Oasis!
(Does anybody really need explanation......unless they haven't heard this song before.....please!)
This isn't my ultimate favorite song, but it's a notably good one, IMO. It's tough to describe.

DJFRESHMONEY: can you describe this song for us?

  13 Jul 04 ·whoops: ok, i'll try to describe it for you two, Oasis addicts : Totally bombastic song, that set me in the mood to reconsider the quality of the Robyn Hitchcock bad lp's i still have in my collection everytime i hear it (thanks god it's not so often nowadays), at least Robyn Hitchcock knows how to craft a delicate pop song using only three chords. To answer your question Undercover_Owl, yes sometimes an explanation is necessary since we can't read in your head, neither in your heart...and no, everyone who have heard this song doesn't necessarily love it.
  14 Jul 04 ·snafkin: I'm not jumping down anyones throat! Wonderwall is a great song but everybody knows it already - how about an Oasis b side that people might have missed! Don't be so touchy! ;-)
  30 Jun 05 ·karitopv5: ok... now... hello to everybody... god... i'm new in these... so... someone can explain me the real meaning of wonderwall or just... explain it... god, every time i hear it i love it more... but i find 2 sences to the song and i don't know wich is the one that is correct... SOMEBODY help me PLEASE!... ok... that's all thank you xoxox
  30 Jun 05 ·n-jeff: Ialways thought it was a song about Cocaine. But I may be wrong.

BTW Paul Anka's version is great! Just what we need in these troubled times.

  30 Jun 05 ·konsu: "Wonderwall" is an english film from 1968 that may have inspired this song. It has a soundtrack by 3rd Beatle George Harrison thats actually quite gorgeous. It also has Jane Birkin playing a pregnant model who attempts suicide... sound like a song?

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