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Hot Rod Rock  performed by  Edd "Kookie" Brynes  (1959)
Composed by Galanoy-Olafson-McIntyre
Arranged by Don Ralke
From: USA
Mood: Pop-Go Go
Recommended by JoNZ [profile] on Sunday 6th April 2003

Yes, it's shlocky, but the female voice (Joanie Sommers) goes from syrupy sweet to bad assed babe all in under three minutes. The song is basically about the fact that her boy only talks about his car until she pulls a switcheroo on her sweetness factor. Yes, I said switcheroo,...what of it? It's goofy, but I like it. One for the time capsule to be sure.

from Kookie (Warner Brothers 1309), available on CD
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  08 Apr 03 ·singjohn: Joanie Sommers is the MOST! Even after something like 40+ years of recording she still has that "little girl-gone bad" sound to her voice. Very cute and sexy at the same time! Her stuff with "Kookie" is a snipet of a brief era in American Teen History. Times were simple and naive and kids were inventing their own language based on jazz musicians and beat poets. "Squares" didn't "dig it" and those who did were "cool, Daddy-o" (think Jets from West Side Story). Anybody interested in more about Joanie should look here:
  09 Jul 08 ·Rickybop: Hi Everyone! I'm new here, but I noticed a recommendation for this song by JoNZ stating that edd byrnes was accompanied by Jonnie Sommers. This is not true. The female singer's name is in fact Connie Stevens.

I respectfully submit this correction. You are so right-on about her voice, JoNZ, cute aaaand sexy...

also looked that way... one of my favorites. I love old-style hotrods, and related songs, and this one is right up my alley. I've found this song

on CD, Rhapsody, and Imesh. Be aware that iMesh will eventually disable your ability to play some downloaded songs (including this one) if you don't

agree to pay for a "renewal". Please share if you've found it elsewhere! God Bless Everybody!

  11 Jul 08 ·Rickybop: This is a humble retraction of my previous

"correction" statement. So sorry JoNZ, you were

apparently correct that Joanie Sommers, not Connie

Stevens sang with Ed Byrnes on the song "Hot Rod

Rock". Both female singers sound much alike. I've

contacted the site owner to delete my posts. Don't

want to mislead anyone...I'll be more careful next

time to triple-check my facts. Fun song, though.

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