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1979  performed by smashing pumpkins  1995
Recommended by callgirlscene [profile]

Loud drums and simple recurring guitar riffs are the setting for a melancholy, but rocking look back on a special time. Billy Corgan manages to sound like Mick Jagger. There's a kind of regretful feeling Smashing Pumpkins evoke that I felt in the movie "The Last Picture Show".

available on CD - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Virgin)

Bird on the Wire  performed by Leonard Cohen  1973
Recommended by eve [profile]

This song is mostly carried by Leonard Cohen's voice, which meshes really well with his "longing/loving/musing on a wasted life" style lyrics. It moves really slowly, but that makes it nice.

from Suzanne

If You Don’t Miss Me  performed by Gone Til November / Aimee Proal  2007
Recommended by BloodyRachelB [profile]

this band broke up (I believe) but their singer/songstress Aimee Proal is busy writing tracks for those LESS TALENTED than her! (*it makes me sad because she has a beautiful voice) Anyway, she also did a song called "Save You" which was ruined by Kelly Clarkson the O.G. song is here (

from N/A

Slipped Away  performed by Avril Lavigne  2004
Recommended by hopefully86 [profile]

Haunting, soul-wrenching, avril sings her heart out about not getting to say goodbye. For anyone who wishes they had one more chance. Rock/popish.

from Under My Skin

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot  performed by Brand New  2003
Recommended by nospmohtetak [profile]

long name for a very, very good song about someone wishing to better than what he really is

from Deja Entendu (Razor&Tie Music 82896)

Your ex-lover is dead  performed by Stars  2005
Recommended by herby22 [profile]

This song just has a great sound and the real feeling that seems to be between the two singers is great. I love the lyrics and it is just really powerful.

from Set Yourself on Fire (Arts and Crafts)

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