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above and below  performed by the bravery
Recommended by deehdoubledee [profile]

Home Of The Brave  performed by Bonnie & The Treasures  1963
Recommended by john_l [profile]

The best of the lesser-known "wall of sound" productions from ace producer Phil Spector in the early 1960s. Many people think it's Veronica singing, and indeed it does sound most like the Ronettes, although it's not quite as awe-inspiring as their strongest track "Baby I Love You". I do love the rising strings in the background on the way into the chorus. Lyrically, it's in the "He's A Rebel" vein.

available on CD - Phil Spector's Flips And Rarities

  kwan_dk: Indeed a great song and a terriffic production. The only problem is that it's supposedly not produced by Spector, but by a young aspiring songwriter/producer named Jerry Riopelle who was assigned to Philles Records at the time. Riopelle himself has acknowledged this and other evidence seems to indicate he's right. As for Veronica singin lead, it has been established that the girl in question was a singer called Charlotte O'Hara, as far as I recall...
Odyssey  performed by No Wyld  2013
Recommended by elhenzo [profile]

This song has a heroic beat that makes you proud. When it's over, you feel great. It's important to me because of that.

from Abstract (Fontana)

Soma  performed by Smashing Pumpkins  1993
Recommended by Gwendolyn [profile]

I just love this song. The first time I heard was while I was in high school... My english class was studying A Brave New World and my teacher played this song. It's so peaceful at the beginning and takes a lovely turn at the end when the peace is shattered.

from Siamese Dream

You remain an Angel  performed by Danny Wilson  1987
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An eighties incarnation of the epic sadness and yearning that the Walker Brothers did so well with the songs of Jaques Brel and Bob Gaudio(Sun aint gonna shine Anymore).This band was a rare thing at this point ,they had aspirations to write great timeless songs when drum machines ruled the world.On this ,they suceeded ,the songs heartbreaking climax could make a man cry,awash with brave brass and orchestral tears leaving a man broken in two and drowning in his own tears by the time the song fades into an eerie percussive silence .

from Meet Danny Wilson, available on CD

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