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Chop Suey!  performed by System of a Down  2001
Recommended by Walrus [profile]

from Toxicity (Columbia)

dead loss  performed by Pigs Blood Cherry Bitter  2006
Recommended by evileyes84 [profile]

Punk Rock - Agressive with cert....fuck off... listen!!! - PIGS BLOOD CHERRY BITTER - PIGS BLOOD CHERRY BITTER

from Dead Loss

Heretic Song  performed by SlipKnoT
Recommended by knkknn [profile]

It's so agressive that i like it.. :D

Master of Puppets  performed by Metallica  1986
Recommended by gorflux [profile]

Master of Puppets is a fast-paced, heavily-distorted thrash metal song. I like it because it's beasty.

from Master of Puppets

Requiem pour un con  performed by serge gainsbourg
Recommended by olli [profile]

unbelievably cool track, one of my top ten gainsbourg compositions. great jazzy sex beat, smooth vocals.
it's one of his more agressive songs, similar to the also recommended "un poison violent c'est l'amour".
there seems to be a bit of a bit of a prog vibe going on (in lack of better words, i'm not exactly an expert in the technicalities of music).
nice guitar hook. though the track is pretty repetitive, it's by no means boring. the repetition only helps to make it more intense and interesting.
taken from the film le pacha. i think a lot of gainsbourg's soundtrack work is pretty interesting stuff, though some of it often seems a bit rushed or too similar to other cool compositions from the same era (hey, i'm a sucker for plagiarism...)
the soundtrack to cannabis comes especially recommended.

available on CD - le ciin�ma de serge gainsbourg, initials b.b and a bunch of othe

  n-jeff: There is an instrumental version on a twelve inch I have that sounds remarkably prescient of Metal Box era PiL: heavy repetetive bass, odd guitar noises and something about the drums, too. Great track, vocal or no.
  olli: oh, that�s awesome, n-jeff! i always wondered if there was an instrumental of the funkiest white tracks ever
Sheela Na-Gig  performed by PJ Harvey  1991
Recommended by Durruti [profile]

One Of the best PJ's songs. It's guite pop, but it's awsome. It's from her very first album (first and second are the best).

from Dry

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