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Vem Vet  performed by Lisa Ekdahl  199?
Recommended by secularus [profile]

One of those songs that I liked upon first listen. Lisa Ekdahl is a chanteuse from Sweden who had an apparent hit with this track sometime in the 1990s. I don't recall what the words "Vem Vet" mean but according to a few Scandinavian friends, it's something silly. Listening to it now, the opening could be something from the Tijuana Brass. My favorite aspect of this track is her inflection of Vem Vet and the words preceding it. In her native Sweden she comes from a traditional jazz standards background. A few years back she released a record in English titled Lisa Ekdahl sings Salvador Poe (her boyfriend/husband) which I can't rate highly. It is just ok. She probably doesn't have cred like Nina Persson (of Cardigans fame) in the hipster scene but who cares! I see potential in this lady (who has looks to boot) and any Phil Spectors out there who have visions of "pure pop" should get their hands on her now.

  03 Jul 03 ·manikin: "Vem Vet" means simply "Who Knows"
confusion  performed by broder daniel  199?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

you don't need extensive lyrics to present your ideas. henrik berggren of broder daniel knows that. the king of pandas.

from bd
available on CD - broder daniel (emi)

Paradisiaque  performed by MC Solaar  199?
Recommended by macka [profile]

French Hip-Hop (don't let that put you off!)well worth a listen! Title track to this excelent album.

from Paradisiaque

The space track  performed by Cosmic Baby  199?
Recommended by AndreasNystrom [profile]

Trance/space/electropop when its at best. This track really gives you an impression about being in space, seeing colored nebulas, and pulsars.
This is the kraftwerk of the 90ies.
Starts with lots of spacesounds, and choirlike chords. Evolves with a snappy bass, and fast drums. Great chillout music.

Cosmic Baby also worked with Paul Van Dyk, and got Paul interest into music.

available on CD - TransEuropeExpress

Sensational Gravity Boy  performed by Guided By Voices  199?
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

One of my favourite bands .
They play music that is mostly simply produced , sometimes of lazyness i suspect , but most often cause it suits the songs and makes them stand out from the crowd. This is a 2 minute rocker that i totally fell in love with some weeks ago. Its incredibly catchy,rocky and got a lovely distorted vocal on it .

Its found for free on their official homesite too, go check it out :) go to Music section , then mp3 , enjoy..

from non album track

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