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2 tracks from 1995 have been recommended by Mike.
Heaven Knows  performed by The Corrs  1995
Recommended by Mike [profile]

According to most educated musical minds, the Corrs are purveyors of irritating, unambitious, tasteless pop tinged with Irish folk. I'd tend to agree strongly, and this track starts off so as to suggest nothing better - twelve seconds of unimaginitive and poorly-recorded drum solo, which moreover reappears with just over 3 minutes on the clock, followed by a truly dreadfully contrived-sounding modulation to the supertonic la Eurovision. And a horrible brassy backing at one point towards the end.

However, there is definitely something I really like about, even esteem in what occours between those two points. For one thing, there is the way the depressive lyrics are sung to an assertively forward-moving minor key backing. There is something about the rhythm of word-setting that grabs me. I like the chord sequences. The melody's quite good. I like the violin solo in the middle, and the use of the violin for the riff heard during the introduction. Even if it's just a cheap piece of pop, it sounds as though some intelligence and emotion went into its creation. And as i say, for some reason, something about it seems to click with me somehow.

from Forgiven, not forgotten, available on CD

The day I see you again  performed by Dubstar  1995
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Masterful. Musically beautiful and inventive from start to finish. Lyrically very clever.

from Disgraceful, available on CD

  28 Sep 18 ·delicado: It has been a long time since I heard a track that was more \'Mike\'!
  28 Sep 18 ·Mike: Yes. Dubstar had a few Miketastic peaks, particularly during the glory days of their career. This is one of the best examples. There are some gems on their B sides, too.

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