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2 tracks from 1988 have been recommended by Genza.
Mercy Seat  performed by Ultra Vivid Scene  1988
Recommended by Genza [profile]

A tinny drum machine, a big slab of discordant fuzz guitar and a droney voice. Fabulous. Making music in your bedroom has never sounded so fabulous.

from Ultra Vivid Scene (4AD CAD809CD)

  09 Mar 02 ·Lenoir: totally ok. The guy behind the scene was Kurt Raskle and I never ever heard again about him...could anyone tell me what became of him? The Mercy Seat is still one of the most exciting mind blowing tunes I've ever known
Inside a Dream  performed by Jane Wiedlin  1988
Recommended by Genza [profile]

I never liked the Go-Gos. And I think Belinda Carlise's music is naff. But Jane Wiedlin has a certain something.

I remember first seeing the video to 'Rush Hour' on UK TV as a teenager. I thought that song was bloody great. My parents bought me her debut album 'Fur' for Christmas and we used to listen to it in the car. Listening to this always brings the memories flooding back.

Some of 'Fur' is a bit dodgy - but I can forgive Wiedlin. The high points still seem very high today. And 'Inside a Dream' is a beautifully crafted, Stephen Hague produced pop song. This three minute stunner moves and warps around a simple spine. Dubstar sounded a lot like this half a decade later.

from Fur (EMI CDP-7-48683-2)

  15 Mar 04 ·Mike: I too was bowled over by the catchiness of "Rush Hour" and also ended up acquiring the album "Fur" at the time. It wasn't her first album, but I don't think she'd previously had any solo exposure in the UK. About half the songs are simple but undoubtably effective, but several others I have always found to be very ineffective! I agree that Dubstar (who I also liked) sounded a bit like this at times - Stephen Hague's production style is quite distinctive. Did any of the members of Dubstar release anything since the band split up?

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