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4 tracks from 1981 have been recommended by Mike.
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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye  performed by Soft Cell  1981
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A pop song of epic grandeur. Marc Almond's rather out of tune singing doesn't ultimately detract from what is a great song and a very good recorded performance. The synth player of the duo, Dave Ball, appears to have been a somewhat underrated pop genius.

from Non-stop erotic cabaret (Some Bizarre), available on CD (Mercury)

  01 Apr 04 ·delicado: Yes, isn't this a brilliant, devastating track. I think the out-of-tune vocals are all part of the package! This shares some of the desolate and empty electronic feel of some of Joy Division's work, but puts it into a pop context.
Areas  performed by New Musik  1981
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A song about personal body space. I know that this doesn't exactly sound electrifying, but the song itself does. In fact the whole album this is from is filled with fantastic lyrically unorthodox songs, most of which are extremely good.

During this very skilfully constructed song, we hear some of the most lyrical, expressive sounds ever to be played on synths. We hear that slightly strange vocal performance style that makes a virtue out of sounding uncool - but it's always very musical.

Tony Mansfield is an absolute musical genius and innovator. After the three new Musik albums, he went on to produce A-ha's first album and a few records for other artists, but never seems to have had the recognition Trevor Horn recieved. I wonder what he's doing now...

from Anywhere, available on CD

Traps  performed by New Musik  1981
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A little like Kraftwerk but with extra emotional input and more musical interest. The music reflects the atmosphere of the lyric very effectively. Geek pop? Maybe, but it's damn good!

from Anywhere, available on CD

Should I Laugh or Cry  performed by Abba  1981
Recommended by Mike [profile]

One of several great tracks from the end of their career as a band. Fantastic recording quality, too. Originally the B side for "One of Us", omitted from "The Visitors" but included as a bonus track from 1997 onwards.

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