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Hearth And Soul  performed by Joy Division  1980
Recommended by Durruti [profile]

It's from their last album, Closer. It's very dark and moody. It sounds like Ian (singer) is singing from his grave (It was released post-humuosly)

from Closer, available on CD

Whip It  performed by Devo  1980
Recommended by audioadventures [profile]

One of the most underrated mood tracks of the era. An uptempo urgent drumbeat hits manic guitar riff - Crack That Whip! And you're away....

available on CD - Classic Cuts Alternative

Open Door  performed by Genesis  1980
Recommended by Mike [profile]

It is hard to imagine a more musically wistful verse than that of this song. The swelling chorus augments it perfectly and very dramatically. This B side from the "Duke" era is surely one of Mike Rutherford's best songs, and one of the highlights of the post-Gabriel Genesis for those who appreciate the band's slower numbers.

available on CD - Genesis Archive Vol 2

  15 May 06 ·makebusy7: Um, that song was a throwaway no matter how you slice it
  15 May 06 ·Mike: It's all about musical taste, really, although even if it was not to my taste, I would find it hard to put together an argument for it as a throwaway.
  19 Nov 06 ·mrtanner: I think this is an absolutely beautiful track!
  20 Nov 06 ·Mike: Oh yes, it's quite special...glad someone else appreciates it!
Hammer in the sand  performed by Steve Hackett  1980
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A beautiful piano-led instrumental, mainly gentle in mood, and an affecting vehicle for the distinctive harmononies and layered textures that characterise Steve's work.

from Defector, available on CD (Virgin?)

Bouncing Babies  performed by The Teardrop Explodes  1980
Recommended by dsalmones [profile]

Teardrop Explodes’ second single, "Bouncing Babies", was released in July 1979, following the departure of organist Paul Simpson and the arrival of his replacement Gerald Quinn. With those changes, the group's sound, too, would alter dramatically, as Quinn took the band into the crypt-like depths of proto-Goth; in true Phantom of the Opera style, his organ haunts the grooves, while Gary Dwyer pounds his drums like a man who’s just discovered he's been buried alive, and Michael Finkler reenacts the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with his buzzsaw guitar.

Ecstatic reviews greeted the single, but its lifespan was short – before long, ”Bouncing Babies” was so hard to find that the Freshies came close to scoring a hit simply by bemoaning that difficulty – their &"I Can't Get (Bouncing Babies by the Teardrop xplodes)" itself ranks alongside its namesake among the most memorable of the age.

from Kilimanjaro, available on CD (Mercury)

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