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Beasley Street  performed by John Cooper Clarke  1980
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A spoken word splurge of bile and vitriol over a deceptive soft funk backing,Calrke,s menacing sardonic tone berates the effects of Thatcherism on the very bottom of the pile ,the picture painted is grim and at times horrific but always compelling ,it would be misleading to give a taste of it here it needs to be heard mainly for entertainment but secondly as a concise social document of the UK at this bleak time .

from Snap Crackle and Bop, available on CD

My Time  performed by Telex  1980
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A wonderfully weird piece of synth pop from Belgian electro pioneers Telex ,a sublime layered ,warm pop song ,both commercial and avant ,its repetition is its strength ,the tune seemingly going nowhere but all the time rushing to the part of your brain that says "this is f---ing brilliant,it celebrates life in the moment and the mundane and cannot fail to improve your mind and your day.

from Neurovision, available on CD

Im in Love with a German Filmstar   performed by The Passions  1980
Recommended by geezer [profile]

The finer elements of post -punk ,guitar effects ,hypnotic melody and the depth of a REAL song still provoking cover versions 30 years later.
Inhabiting that small territory betwen post punk and new romantic not unlike "Drowning in Berlin" by the Mobiles .its quality is in the song refusal to date

from 30,000 feet over China
available on CD - 30000 over China

Once in Lifetime  performed by Talking Heads  1980
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A bubbling almost loop like backing track punctuated by David Byrnes deranged t.v evangelist style exclamations "My god this is not my beautiful house ,this is not my beautiful wife,what have i done"? .Then a stroke of genius to pull the song back from the edge of avant garde ,a joyous funky ,gospel inspired chorus .A band at their most inspired and confident with the wizardry of Eno pressing all the right buttons.Hard to believe no one has recomended this before.

from Remain in Light
available on CD - Remain In Light

I Dream of Wire  performed by Robert Palmer  1980
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An emerging Palmer covers a song from the fully emerged Gary Numan ,who also plays on this ,a great time capsule instance of what was once considered cool.The droning single not synth line occasionally errupts into a somewhat clumsy chorus which dates the track beyond belief ,but if you can recommend a track on the premise of interesting then this would qualify.

from Clues, available on CD

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