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Balance of Nature  performed by Burt Bacharach  1973
Recommended by konsu [profile]

What a great song! Burt's a heavy hitter on these pages, as you can tell I'm sure. There is something magical when he sings, maybe it's because he seems to humble the incredible songs he writes, or that he works with the best singers to walk the earth. Here is Burt at his best, in a spare setting with a strolling rhythm and paced piano chords, almost like he's singing to you across a smoky piano bar. The song conveys a simple truth, and almost makes it seem like a gospel, that nature continues unabated despite human trials and tribulations... How true.

A hard LP to get your hands on it seems. But worth the wait!

from Living Together (A&M SP 3527)

Angie  performed by The Rolling Stones  1973
Recommended by acidburn [profile]

from Goats Head Soup

  22 Mar 06 ·FlyingDutchman1971: Tori Amos did a great cover of this early in her solo career.
Genrleman  performed by Fela Kuti & Afrika 70  1973
Recommended by sardinha [profile]

Imagine James Brown and Bob Marley's genius and charisma plus a broader musical knowledge, much more danceable beats, complete ease at improvisation, and a wicked sense of humor. This didn't happen in the US or in the UK - it happenned in Africa and it was done by Nigerians in a Nigerian studio & for a African audience. Little, wimpy Euro-American civilization: now that you got it on CD, listen and learn.

from Gentleman
available on CD - Fela Kuti - Confusion / Gentleman

Girl In A Sportscar  performed by Alan Hawkshaw  1973
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

We see the road going by us, close up on a spinning wheel of the car. Close-up on a side-mirror. Close up on the rear-view mirrow. We see a woman putting on her lipstick. Full frame view of the woman; she has trendy sunglasses, a hat and a red scarf blowing in the wind. She smiles. We see the car, it is a sportscar with the top down. It passes by other cars on the open road, as it continues down the road we zoom out using a helicopter. We see the Californian rocky landscape and the crooked road following it. We go further and further back. Fade out.

available on CD - The Sound Gallery (Scamp)

  29 May 05 ·olli: Oh yeah, i love this song. i play it at least once a week.
Willow’s Song  performed by Lesley Mackie  1973
Recommended by leonthedog [profile]

A sensuously haunting track, from the equally haunting soundtrack of a notoriously haunting film. Sparse, but slowly layered and building with anticipation. Don't know much about the late Paul Giovanni, but he surely hit a home run with this entire soundtack.

available on CD - The Wicker Man (OST) (Silva)

  01 Sep 06 ·n-jeff: Lovely stuff, but strangely, disquietingly, indistinct. One of the tracks that got me sacked from a regular pub DJ slot. haha.
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