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Bat Macumba  performed by Os Mutantes  1968
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Nothing can truly prepare you for your first listen to Os Mutantes. All the hype in the world can only pique your interest...of all the countless reviews I've read, none have ever captured the essence of the band, and I'm not about to attempt it here. Any song from their first album could be my choice here...the psychotic carnie music of "Panis et Circensis", the drugged-out doo-wop of "Baby", the Ray Davies-informed songcraft of "Senhor F" or the Donovan meets Alistair Crowley creepiness of "Trem Fantasma". So I chose this, their best-known freakout. Go find out for yourself.

from Os Mutantes (Odeon), available on CD (Omplatten)

  14 Mar 04 ·olli: this is great! i love panis et circensis...heard it a couple of years ago on norwegian radio, but i didnīt find out what the song was called until now... by chance i just found out today that gil gilberto has licenced a lot of his work under the creative commons law... that means we're free to sample and build upon it!
bat macumba  performed by oz mutantes
Recommended by sweetbabymoses [profile]

killer brazillian psyche rock tune has the best bass line in the world

  28 Feb 04 ·executiveslacks: Great song, although I have to say I like Gilberto Gil's version the best.
Bat Macumba  performed by Os Mutantes  1968
Recommended by Solo [profile]

•sound and instrumentation:Slightly garage-sounding psych rock with Portuguese lyric- creative use of 1960s sound processing methods to give a somewhat spacy aspect. This is one of the more commercially rocking tracks from a very creative and groundbreaking psychedelic rock group.

from Os Mutantes (Omplatten/Polydor)
available on CD - Everything is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes (Luaka Bop)

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