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birmingham school of business school  performed by the fall
Recommended by frosch [profile]

starts with bells and a rising lot of sounds; a whole rock orchestra; and the unique letters and voice from mark e. smith, over and over.

  04 Jun 04 ·kohl: excellent!
The Classical  performed by The Fall  1981
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Message for yer! Message for yer!

My theory is that everyone seriously into music has time for The Fall. They're just too superlative - in places - not to give them massive amounts of respect.

I have no problem with being a selective Fall fan, and probably err too much to "the Brix Years" for serious Mark E Smith hardcases. I love the early to middle period and The Classical, for me, is the absolute pinnacle of their acheivements. A parity of stupidity and - er, classicality - it marries the phrasing genius of Smith with one of the very best group line-ups in their 27 year career.

So what if MES is a toothless old git now? So what if they haven't released an album of worth in many a year? So what if their back catalogue is being shamelessly exploited by various low-rent record labels? They are one of the biggest unacknowledged influences on British music today and it's time they got the props they are worthy of.

from Hex Enduction Hour, available on CD (Cog Sinister)

"shoulder pads #1"  performed by the fall  1986
Recommended by kohl [profile]

this is, in my opinion, one of the catchiest fall songs ever. that and its variation, cleverly entitled "shoulder pads #2"--it's not just the unforgettable tune but how the lyrics are presented in typical mark e. smith fashion. excellent rhythm.

available on CD - bend sinister

Totally Wired  performed by The Fall  1980
Recommended by lingereffect [profile]

I was shocked to see that no one had recommended anything by these Mancunian legends. The Fall could never be called proponents of over-production and this brittle recording is no exception. This song features basically one chord and a mostly one-note bassline, but still manages to be as propulsive as hell. The wry, wound up lyrics from vocalist Mark E. Smith are augmented by great backing shouts of "totally wired!" This is a complete classic from one of the most original and influential bands of the post-punk era.

This was originally released as a single in 1980 and is available on several different compilations.

from The Collection, available on CD (Castle)

  14 May 04 ·jeanette: There's also a cover version by God Is My Co-Pilot, available on their best of. However, it falls into the 'interesting' rather than 'good' category. Not many people could cover The Fall with appropriate justice.

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