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you were the last high  performed by the dandy warhols  2003
Recommended by angelica [profile]

the dandy warhols are particularly skilled at making songs that are simultaneously moody and dance-y, so you can listen to most of their output no matter what direction your mood is swinging in. this song is a perfect example of just this skill, being both tinged with melancholy and yet resolutely upbeat. in my mind, this is the best song off their last album (which was produced by nick rhodes of duran duran). like the other tracks, it has more of a synth-y electro feel than much of their previous output, but unlike the rest of the album, this is a strong song very much in character.

from Welcome to the Monkey House, available on CD

  25 Apr 04 ·olli: i really like the dandy warhols. too bad only about 1/3 of the songs on each of their albums are worth paying attention to. An eventual "best of" album released in about ten years time is going to be absolutely essential.
I am scientist  performed by The Dandy Warhols  2003
Recommended by megara [profile]

Los Dandy Warhols me han parecido un grupo que siempre debi� existir. Desde su nombre hasta los t�tulos de las canciones. Un pop fino. No puedo decir m�s.
Esta canci�n es el susurro We gotta live on science alone, es el consejo m�s sabio que he recibido en los ultimos 5 a�os.
Yeah.. uh..

from Welcome to the Monkey House

  10 Jul 05 ·spinner303: The song is actually named "Scientist", but album is same. Pretty cool, interesting.
Horse Pills  performed by the Dandy Warhols  2000
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Y'know...I really like the latest Dandy Warhols album, in spite of myself. I've never been able to stand them, as they are as about as close a thing to actual rock stars as we have here in Portland. As a result, there's just an awful lot of bitterness in the air. I think that I finally came to the realization that their particular brand of coke-sniffing antics are precisely what I want out of a rock & roll group. I want there to be rock stars on the grand 70s scale again. Somebody has got to inherit Mick Jagger's rightful place as the man to be. I'm not saying that Courtney Taylor should be that man, but at least he's on the right track. This song in strange as it reminds me of the Offspring, but in a good way. And that's the way with a lot of this album. There are songs here that remind me a lot of Beck, ones that remind me a lot of Frank Black and of course the obvious Stones pastiches. In short, there's nothing earth-shatteringly original...but hasn't rock & roll always been about copying what's come before and trying to make it your own? I mean, where would the Beatles have been without Chuck Berry?

from Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, available on CD (Capitol)

  24 Jan 03 ·doublebarrelledsou: um... "reminds me of the offspring, but in a good way" i bet you've been losing sleep on someone finding that comment for months, your day of reckoning has arrived master tinks! i had no idea you were harbouring love for the dw. guess what's on ym desk right now. a numark tt-100 baby!
Sleep  performed by The Dandy Warhols  2000
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This track is really composed of a couple of almost no words. The verses are short and sweet, but the heart of the song is this incredible arrangement of harmonies. The song just gets better and better as it goes along until by the end you don't want it to end. Gorgeous.

from Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia (Capitol)

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