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Time Operator  performed by Scott Walker  1970
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This song has a certain quality that really makes it stay with me. It's from 1970 - Til the band comes in. Clever use of the dialing tone to blend with the strings/orchestration. It's a slightly different blend from Scott's more revered work - slightly funky percussion and overtly croony vocals. Strings and a bit of trumpet. Wonderfully atmospheric stuff. Funny words

from Til the Band Comes In, available on CD (BGO)

The Electrician  performed by Scott Walker  1978
Recommended by geezer [profile]

The real beginning of Scott Walkers heavyweight reputation as avant garde miserabalist,droning synths fall apart at the explosive chorus and then drone again before dignified strings take you to another place before once again you come back to a fading drone ,exhausting ,exhilarating and uncomfortable but a genuine new musical territory at the time ,its influence can be heard on Bowie,s "Cat People",Japans "Ghosts" and even "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins ,(that tense guarded intro morphing into something more open and glorious through various layers ).
Buried at the end of an ill advised Walker Brothers album Nite Flights this is essential.

from Nite Flights, available on CD

jackie  performed by Scott Walker  1968
Recommended by klatu [profile]

This is one of the funniest songs I have ever heard. I play it when I have people over listening to music and they get the glazed-over "too much information" look, and I need something to confound expectations. Always with the warning that they need to listen to the whole lyric before breaking down in laughter or confusion. I don't know how closely this english version follows the original Jacques Brel french, but each lyric is more ridiculous than the last! But I thought the Albert/morphine episode of Little House on the Prairie episode was one of the funniest things ever, so maybe I am just warped. This is my favorite Scott Walker album, with the other great Brel tunes "next" and "the girls and the dogs", great originals like "plastic palace people", and the haunting slow version of the Bacharach/David "windows of the world".

from Scott 2, available on CD

  02 Feb 03 ·djfreshmoney: I heard this song in a record store and it's what made me want to listen to Scott and Brel. Absolutely, wonderfully timelessly bizarre.
  30 Apr 03 ·conan550: Hi again Klatu "Jackie" is one of my fav all time tracks.Its very idiocyncratic and the interpretation by Scott Walker is just right.A very underatted Classic! Regards Mo
Farmer in the City  performed by Scott Walker  1995
Recommended by schlick [profile]

Moody, heartwrenching song about controversial Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini's 1975 murder.

available on CD - Tilt (Fontana (UK), Drag City (US))

angels of ashes  performed by Scott Walker
Recommended by tommy [profile]

lamenting passionate and heartwrenching. a ballad of love lost and found. big production , much depth and emotion. Scott lends a special something to this and most every song he sings. I never want to leave.

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