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Real Love (Lennon)  performed by Regina Spektor
Recommended by Drunk Lawyer [profile]

Genius Next Door  performed by Regina Spektor  2009
Recommended by Mike [profile]

It's all very beautiful, but the power is particularly in the chorus and the instrumental break which follows it. I am pretty sure that Regina has heard a piece of music which I know and like, such is the strong sense of familiarity I get when I hear this short instrumental part...I mean it sounds like something I particularly like and already know. I can't place the piece at the moment, but will amend when I might be something from a jazz/classical crossover albums.

Jeff Lynne does a fantastic job with the production...the sound is spectacular.

from Far, available on CD

The Sword and the Pen  performed by Regina Spektor  2009
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Absolute minor-key classic from the first listen. I suppose it's a bit too "obvious", but hey, I like it. She gets a bit "Ruski" in the chorus.

An "extra" track with deluxe versions of the album; also in piano/vocal only version with one of the CD singles.

from Far (some versions only), available on CD

Fidelity  performed by Regina Spektor  2007
Recommended by bikinisunday346 [profile]

The song has a soft piano/banjo/orchestra backround. The music flows through the heart with a soft melancholic note. Her voice reminds me of a sad cashier and a movie star combined. She isn't like any other singer i've ever heard. The lyrics related to me extremely well and made me truly smile. It truly is a beautiful song

from Begin to Hope

  15 Feb 08 ·mattishere: wonderful song. thank you
Just Like the Movies  performed by Regina Spektor
Recommended by brandyalexander [profile]

I'm already a huge fan of Regina, but for me this is her absolute BEST. Good luck finding it because I'm pretty positive it's not on any of her cd's, but it's a very beautiful song that you can hear her sing live on youtube. It's so weary but very beautiful all at the same time. However I feel like it's the simple, yet honest lyrics that blow me away. "Don't say goodbye like you're burrying him. Cause the world is round and he might return."

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