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I hung my head  performed by Johnny Cash  2002
Recommended by andrew76 [profile]

This is a cover of a song by Sting. I haven't heard Sting's version but I am not a fan of what I have heard. Anyway, Cash's version is stripped down to the bare essentials, acoustic guitar and piano with a little bit of keyboard in the background to add some depth, but the music is secondary to the great mans voice. He's in his seventies, and all the age an experience in his voice just makes the youth and experience of the lyrics all the more poignant. His voice reminds me of my grandfather (May he rest in peace). The whole Album (American Recordings IV - The Man Comes Around) is incredible and this song is a stand out track among many, both original and covered.

from American Recordings IV The Man Comes Around (American 063 339-2), available on CD

Hurt  performed by Johnny Cash
Recommended by eevas86 [profile]

Johnny Cash makes Nine Inch Nails' song Hurt his own. This song is one of my all time greatest. It's just so powerful, beautiful and sad.

"if i could start again
a million miles away
i would keep myself
i would find a way"

pretty much the entire 5 cd set of "unearthed"  performed by Johnny Cash
Recommended by olli [profile]

Come on, i dare you to disagree with me.

available on CD - johnny cash unearthed

Hurt  performed by Johnny Cash
Recommended by sjkln [profile]

25 minutes to go  performed by Johnny Cash
Recommended by tuktman [profile]

Firstly, John Cash is a god! This is the first song of his that really grabbed me. He has a real sorrow in his voice that rings true when he sings about people being hung for murder and such.

featured on the albumn Folsom Prison Blues which is one of the best things you can buy, regardless of weather you're a country fan or not

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