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Season Of The Witch  performed by Enoch Light and The Light Brigade  1973
Recommended by m.ace [profile]

An alternately stalking and storming rendition of the Donovan tune, featuring Vinnie Bell on electric sitar and tabla flavorings from Ed Shaugnessy (!). Jazz/funk firepower minus the fusion wank.

from Brass Menagerie 1973 (Project 3)

The Proper Ornaments  performed by The Free Design  1967
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

So groovy. Outstanding popcraft from an outstanding group. Love the contrasts between such pretty music and Chris Dedrick's trenchant lyrics. The arrangement - heavy on the trumpets and harpsichords - is exquisite. Fetch me my paisley nehru jacket, Gweniviere.

from Kites Are Fun (Project 3)
available on CD - Raindrops (Siesta)

  21 Sep 01 ·tempted: Kites really are fun!
  31 Jul 04 ·charlesives: Blow your mind (but not completely)!
  02 Aug 04 ·konsu: See!!
  20 Jan 06 ·Delimit: defintely one of their better songs. it's one of those weird songs that every once and a while i need to listen to about 50 times in a row. great lyrics, Free Designs usual amazing vocals and some slick arrangement.
Over Under Sideways Down  performed by Enoch Light and the Light Brigade  1966
Recommended by tinks [profile]

It's Enoch Light, you know what to expect! Kooky orchestral arrangement of the Yardbirds' classic with a...get this...simulated bagpipe intro! I have no idea why anybody would want to hear real bagpipes, let alone simulated ones, but there you have it. Features blistering work by Project 3 regulars like Tony Mottola and Dick Hyman. Excellent stuff. The same album also yields a terrific version of Lee Dorsey's "Workin' in a Coalmine"!

from Enoch Light's Action: It's Happening...So Let's Dance (Project 3)

Bubbles  performed by The Free Design  1970
Recommended by PappaWheelie [profile]

Sunshine Pop in the same vein as "Up, Up and Away" by The 5th Dimension of "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" by The Cowsills...but Bubbles has a smidgen of funk in the drums and bassline. This track was also covered recently on the 'Powerpuff Girls' soundtrack.

from Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love (Project 3)
available on CD - Bubbles (Siesta)

  18 May 02 ·Sem Sinatra: This is the undoubted King of Sunshine Pop ... how can you possibly top the follwing: "My tummy has a little pain, when does Jesus come again?"
  31 Jul 04 ·charlesives: Notice the wacked out time signature in the hook. They shave a 16th note off the hook making it a little Mahavishnu-esque. A couple of years before Mahavishnu of course.
Kites Are Fun  performed by The Free Design  1967
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

Well, i guess musicaltaste is a rather safe place to recommend some Free Design without getting laughed at. It always strikes me they haven't been more popular back in the late sixties. "Kites Are Fun" is one of their more popular and one of their best tracks for sure. Uber-jolly, playfull, catchy with superb vocal harmonies, gentle guitar, flute, bass and drums and some keyboards.

from Kites Are Fun, available on CD (Project 3)

  10 Jun 05 ·nighteye: This is great song! Sunshine pop at its best, how can you not feel happy listening to this song? I like kites!
  10 Jun 05 ·Festy: I really dig "My Brother Woody" from the same album. Whoever the drummer is, he really cooks on this track.
  11 Jun 05 ·konsu: The drummer's name is Bill LaVorgna. He has an unmistakable touch on the drums. He's also on some of Pat Williams Verve LP's.
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