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Vermelho  performed by Claudette Soares  1970
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Perky, pint-sized bossa chanteuse Claudette Soares scored big in the late 60s by following Wilson Simonal's stylistic lead into an irresistible mix of pop, samba, French ye-ye, boogaloo, soul and bossa. This is a perfect example of the strangely Isaac Hayes-influenced arrangements to be found on her 1969-70 "pop" LP trilogy, and another winner from the then-unstoppable Adolfo-Gaspar writing team.

from Claudette No. 3 (Philips)

Giro  performed by Elis Regina  1969
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

The MPB goddess breaks free from her previous samba-jazz orientation towards a more pop vibe in keeping with the Age Of Aquarius, via a short-n-sweet Adolfo-Gaspar composition.

from Elis, Como & Porque (Philips), available on CD (Universal Brazil)

The House Song  performed by Scott Walker  1974
Recommended by callgirlscene [profile]

This has a country-western kind of swing to it - the type of song Waylon Jennings might do. It seems to be about selling a house full of precious memories. Scott manages to sound like a really cool Elvis Presley, that is, with a swagger Elvis had but without Elvis's annoying mannerisms. For me, Scott's forte has been moody ballads, but he shows here that he can pull off country western too.

from WE HAD IT ALL (Philips)
available on CD - stretch/we had it all (BGO)

How Can I Be Sure  performed by Dusty Springfield  1970
Recommended by Mister C [profile]

This should have been massive for Dusty in 1970, a lovely arrangement including accordian, it only reached the mid 30's in the UK. Amazingly David Cassidy had a big hit with it only 3 years later, it was nowhere near as good as Dusty's.

from The Silver Collection (Philips 834 128-2)

  13 Jan 03 ·robert[o]: A good friend of mine has this theory that the greatest pop songs are ultimately about states of joy. I don't know I if agree, but this song is supports the arguement really well. St. Dusty @ her most god-like. Great choice.
  09 Jan 04 ·rio: aptly put indeed; "spooky", another case in point with dusty..
  08 Jul 05 ·Flippet: Have to disagree with the comment on David Cassidy's "How Can I Be Sure". While Dusty gave the song her own sensitive interpretation, David's version is totally memorable and is a true pop classic of the 70s. The production quality of the track and David's amazing vocals deservedly took the song to #1.
  08 Jul 05 ·konsu: Hmmm... It's almost as if The Young Rascals didn't exsit.
  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: I always thought the Young Rascals' version was terribly produced, though I can't remember why. I was always hearing them on the oldies channels in New York City when I lived there...apart from 'Groovin'' they're practically unknown in England.
This Girl’s In Love With You  performed by Dusty Springfield  1968
Recommended by Auriane [profile]

Just wonderful. The CD reissue for this album is Philips 846 049-2 if you're interested in hearing the rest of this album. The song is truly Dusty with the husky vocals and the quiet but wanting tone. Bacharach comes through clear and strong with his interludes. The whole thing is as I said, just wonderful...

from Dusty... definitely (Philips (S)RBL 7864)
available on CD - Room Service 2 (Festival Mushroom Records)

  07 Oct 06 ·sammykipper: Very swoony indeed.
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