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Lluvia de Primavera/Spring Rain  performed by Bebu Silvetti  1975
Recommended by tempted [profile]

The definition of a groovy, instrumental easy listening disco tune. Makes me wanna jump on the first plane to somewhere warm and swinging. Great piano and acoustic guitar accompaniment from this Spanish lizard with a hairy face. And that girl backing choir.. there are two single versions of this that are slightly different and a full length version which is the best.

  11 Jan 06 ·tempted: To correct: the "full-length version" is in fact a disco mix by Salsoul stalwart Tom Moulton. So good, man... Crazy percussive middle part galore! Available as a Salsoul 12". Tell me if you bump into one!
Pata Pata  performed by Augusto Alguerro  1968
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

This is the sound of summer in the sixties as I remember it from my childhood. Sunny, light, breezy. Its from one of Augusto Alguerro's 2 Polydor releases, and while not as funky or bizarre as some of the other tracks, in terms of shear fun pop its a total star. Starting with a nice little trombone riff, its quite fast with wordless vocals, flute and light brass. It has the very good production that you always seem to get with 60's polydor LP's. I wonder if the Ragovoy that wrote it is Jerry Ragovoy who I know better as a soul writer, penning Lorraine Ellisons mighty 'Stay with me baby' amongst others.

from Sounds Spectacular (Polydor)

  08 May 01 ·delicado: Horst Jankowski's version of this is excellent also! I would love to check out the Alguero, but it seems to be very hard to find his LPs. I have 'Laugh Laugh'; that's it...
  19 Jul 05 ·RCA76: This artist is totally worth looking for. He's arranged, composed and played pretty much Spain's most important music of the 50's and 60's. Spanish (and now international) vocalists like Rocio Durcal, Sara Montiel, Karina and Marisol recorded countless impressive hits of Algueró and Antonio Guijarro (his long-time writing partner). They are the Rodgers and Hammerstein of Spanish cinema.
  05 Mar 06 ·mike33436: If anyone is interested, this CD set includes some nice tunes. Michele ps: Am looking for some Andre Brasseur,Ted Heath, Edmundo Ros and a few more.
hoy me has dicho hola por primera vez  performed by la casa azul  2000
Recommended by king8egg [profile]

somewhere between the free design and hideki kaji you get la casa azul. sweet 60s pop with some nice "ba ba ba ba..." thrown in. bouncy, quirky and basically all around fun. one of the few new bands i am really excited by.

from el sonido efervescente de (elefant records ER-1076), available on CD

mis balas llevan tu nombre  performed by carlo coupé  2002
Recommended by modette [profile]

Carlo coupé es un novísimo compositor español que cuenta en su haber con 3 discos repletos de un estilo exquisito y sibarita, recreando ambientes selectos llenos de largos cigarrillos, trajes de corte impoluto y vestidos op art, acompañado por supuesto por el toque mágico de su hammond.
la canción que presento pertenece a su último disco, en el que pinta toques más funk y numerosos guiños de ye ye español. pero lo más divertido es que el disco parece ser la soundtrack de una película italo-española de 1965 "mis balas llevan tu nombre" de la cual no se encuentra ninguna copia. cada cancion va precedida de un track con dialogo de tal película. todo ello es tan real que seguro caeras en la trampa de su mentira... o no? get it!!!!!!!!!!!

from mis balas llevan tu nombre (subterfurge records (musica para un guateque sid), available on CD

simpathy  performed by los bravos  196?
Recommended by mj&pm [profile]

spanish soul-pop group.


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