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Beasts of No Nation  performed by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & Egypt 80  1989
Recommended by phillphillphill [profile]

Here is a real music man from Africa who stirred alot of contraversy by forming his own political party and using his music as a weapon against the colonial british government. He wrote Beasts of No Nation in 1986 after spending 3 years in jail without being convicted. Beautiful voice!! Influenced by American jazz and Drum rhythms of west nigeria. Many consider him the African James Brown or Bob Marley, but this is not so. Find out for yourself!

available on CD - Beasts of No Nation/O.D.O.O. (MCA)

Genrleman  performed by Fela Kuti & Afrika 70  1973
Recommended by sardinha [profile]

Imagine James Brown and Bob Marley's genius and charisma plus a broader musical knowledge, much more danceable beats, complete ease at improvisation, and a wicked sense of humor. This didn't happen in the US or in the UK - it happenned in Africa and it was done by Nigerians in a Nigerian studio & for a African audience. Little, wimpy Euro-American civilization: now that you got it on CD, listen and learn.

from Gentleman
available on CD - Fela Kuti - Confusion / Gentleman

Expensive shit  performed by Fela Kuti  1970
Recommended by djjetraven [profile]

13+ minute Jam african jazz with great percussion and funk overtones....if you like it try anything of his. His Son, Femi Kuti is more avant garde african jazz...similar but with more John Coltrane influence.

from Expensive shit, available on CD (MCA)

Bulletproof Soul  performed by Sade  1992
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

Hey - don't knock Sade. This is from the Love Deluxe album, which is a great record by any measure. All the songs are original and heartfelt, not formulaic, and with an awareness of third-world misery that's striking coming from a pop princess like her. But she is from Nigeria and knows what she's singing about. Bulletproof Soul is my favorite on the album, a song very dry and quiet and sparse. The backing vocal works in a very sad, soulful harmony line in the chorus that really makes the song.

from Love Deluxe (Sony)

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