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Heat Proof  performed by The Upsetters  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Excellent organ-heavy song centered around the rhythm of Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle". Nice and fluid. Everything that is great about Jamaican soul in one neat little package, from Lee Perry's debut album as producer.

from The Upsetter, available on CD (Trojan)

Cash Box  performed by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires  1970
Recommended by tinks [profile]

I spun this once on a friend's college radio show, and he said he had never heard a song with the bass mixed so heavily...honestly, the needle was so deep in the red we thought the Eisenhower-era console was going to explode. Once you get past that, you find yourself listening to an absolutely storming early reggae instrumental, with a beautiful slow, loping groove and a horn chart very reminiscent of a Stax session from around the same time. I met Lester Sterling in 1995 and talked to him about this song, he told me that he'd been trying to remember how it went for twenty years! Making me even prouder, the next time that the Skatalites came through town, they played it. The original Byron Lee LP that it appeared on has terrific naked lady cover art, to boot!

from Tighten Up! (Dynamic)
available on CD - Reggae Hot Shots, Volume 1 (Jamaica Gold)

let's get it on  performed by ken boothe  1974
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

ken boothe has got one of jamaica's greatest voices. recorded at studio 1 i think.

from let's get it on (trojan)

So much trouble in the world  performed by Bob Marley  1979
Recommended by macka [profile]

Bob Marley at his very best, this song seems all the more relevant considering current actions world-wide. "You see men sailing on their ego trips, Blast off on their spaceships, Million miles from reality, No care for you, no care for me"

from Natural Mystic, available on CD (Tuff Gong)

Dude [Remix]  performed by Beenie Man featuring Ms. Thing & Shawnna  2004
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

In a stupid pop mood tonight, egged on by seeing the recent McFly recommendation. The sun finally came out over South Yorkshire today too, which is probably what's making me think of this enthusiastic pop-reggae workout. I really click with this, despite the OTT misogynistic lyrics, Beenie Man's homophobia and the general rubbishness of most of his back catalogue (that which I've heard, anyway).

Ms. Thing doesn't really do much to shut Beenie and his sexist mouth up, but at least Shawnna has a but more life to her which is why I'm recommending this remix with her rap on.

The video's cute too, especially where Beenie, Thing, Shawnna and various cronies do a ridiculous trot-dance at the end.

from Dude CD Single, available on CD

  22 Apr 04 ·Issie: I totally agree - it's a very good song!
  22 Apr 04 ·olli: he he. "stupid pop mood". i like that.
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