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Fumemos Un Cigarrillo  performed by Piero  1969
Recommended by konsu [profile]

Piero sings in a soothing, breath-y tenor... More italian in tone than latin, although,the best comparison i've found is Luiz Henrique.His phrasing reminds me of Luiz as well,but there is no real relation.The backing has a nice spaghetti -western kind of vibe ala' Moriccone,which gives the whole thing a kind of high planes drifter setting,with plucked electric bass, strummed acoustic guitar,and occasional female chorus with a light string arrangement,Very cool.The whole record is really good,and a lot of the songs have a distinctly latin ballad feel.

from Piero (CBS DCA/S 892), available on CD (Sony International)

  26 Jan 03 ·modette: choose the italian compositers but choose them better: isn't "luiz henrique" , is LUIS ENRIQUEZ. other marvellous song of his: lo scatenato. sorry for my english!!!
  29 Jan 03 ·klatu: Pretty sure "Luiz Henrique" is the correct spelling, and that he is Brazilian. Must be a different guy than the similarly named Italian.
  15 Sep 06 ·Betto_Colombia: Piero is from Argentina.
La Princesa y El Soldado  performed by Carlos Vives  2004
Recommended by Betto_Colombia [profile]

What can I say. You are not going to find a colombian who doesn't like Vives. He just took folk vallenato music and made it rock!! This tropical sounds of thumbs, pipes and acordion mixed with some rock are brilliant. This is really "The Rock of My Town". Ay hombeeeeeeee!! From Vives I would reccomend every single song, but this one is very special cause he dedicated it to his daughter and son. The lyrics is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

P.S. Now a little of General Culture: It's Colombia, not Columbia!!

available on CD - El Rock de Mi Pueblo

Más Papaya  performed by Sidestepper  2003
Recommended by Betto_Colombia [profile]

Cumbia folk music from Colombia with really cool modern arrangements. An amazing fusion of Carribbean with electronica with a very unique Afro-Colombian style.

available on CD - 3 AM

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