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On a clear day you can see forever  performed by The Peddlers  1968
Recommended by mojoto [profile]

I recently (March 2002) went through my Peddlers albums and made a selection of my faves, which was exactly enough to fill an 80 minute CD. I could probably recommend any song that's on it, so why "On a clear day?" Because it never failed to cheer me up, I guess, and after 30 years it still hasn't managed to induce the slightest sign of boredom in me, because I just love Roy Phillips's singing, his characteristic smokey, velvety voice, and his fabulously stuttering hammond solo, and because of the lush stringy orchestration and Trevor Morais's typical drumbreaks. The song itself is a blast in itself too, of course, I know of a version from the same period by Cleo Laine that I also really like.

from Three in a Cell (CBS S63411)

lost in the supermarket  performed by the clash  1979
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

first: the whole london calling lp is a great record, a diverse masterpiece. this song reminds me of the flaming groovies 'shake some action' but it has it's own sound and the lyrics are great too.

from london calling (cbs clash 3), available on CD

New York New York  performed by Nina Hagen  1983
Recommended by Yammer [profile]

The DIY ethos of punk served to liberate performers from the obligation to have a great deal of technical ability. The unfortunate corollary was that any display of already-acquired virtuousity instantly marked one as part of the Uncool Wankerage, forcing nascent guitar gods like Andy Summers to play as though suddenly arthritic. Possibly the first artist to successfully bridge Old World training and New World raucousness was Nina Hagen. "New York New York" is the East German-trained singer's signature tune. Over a clipped, dry Morodor techno-dystopia background, the verses present Hagen recounting her then-current regimen of glamourous excess in a harsh, metallic raven's shriek. Then, as though descending from the heavens at the end of a Wagnerian opera, comes the chorus -- a meltingly warm (yet uncomfortable) wave of minor chords, then a soaring, yearning, superbly modulated mezzo-soprano...which, after a jolt of realization, is understood to also belong to Nina Hagen. And so on.

from Fearless (CBS)

Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso  performed by Trio Ternura  1971
Recommended by gregcaz [profile]

Just one of many soul-pop-sunshine-rock stunners on Trio Ternura's 1971 LP (the title translates as "Gonna Live Inside Your Smile"). Brazil at this time was an endless source of top-notch coed sunshine-pop vocal groups, including these guys, Conjunto Sambacana, Quarteto Forma, Vox Populi, Coral Som Livre, Brasilia Modern Six, Antonio Adolfo & Brazuca and others. Heads up, 5th Dimension fans....

from Trio Ternura (CBS), available on CD (Sony Brazil)

  19 Nov 04 ·scrubbles: This really is a fine track. What I love is the uninhibited exuberance of the singers. They're wild in a way that you could never picture in, say, the Fifth Dimension. Okay, they sound like they're about to go crazy!
Fumemos Un Cigarrillo  performed by Piero  1969
Recommended by konsu [profile]

Piero sings in a soothing, breath-y tenor... More italian in tone than latin, although,the best comparison i've found is Luiz Henrique.His phrasing reminds me of Luiz as well,but there is no real relation.The backing has a nice spaghetti -western kind of vibe ala' Moriccone,which gives the whole thing a kind of high planes drifter setting,with plucked electric bass, strummed acoustic guitar,and occasional female chorus with a light string arrangement,Very cool.The whole record is really good,and a lot of the songs have a distinctly latin ballad feel.

from Piero (CBS DCA/S 892), available on CD (Sony International)

  26 Jan 03 ·modette: choose the italian compositers but choose them better: isn't "luiz henrique" , is LUIS ENRIQUEZ. other marvellous song of his: lo scatenato. sorry for my english!!!
  29 Jan 03 ·klatu: Pretty sure "Luiz Henrique" is the correct spelling, and that he is Brazilian. Must be a different guy than the similarly named Italian.
  15 Sep 06 ·Betto_Colombia: Piero is from Argentina.
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