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The Girl From UNCLE  performed by Teddy Randazzo  1966
Recommended by andyjl [profile]

Instrumental version of the US spy series with a widely sampled intro. Breezy melody carried by sax, strings and Ĺdo-do-doĺ wordless vocals. Mood music by which to follow the planes I see from my apartment window, heading towards Londonĺs main airport on summer evenings.

available on CD - Espresso Espresso

  24 Jan 03 ·konsu: Yeah! Just amazing stuff, huh? The entire LP is a masterpiece of banging soundtrack wizardry, Totally worth pursuing. Someone better bootleg this or i'm gonna do it!
  24 Jan 03 ·delicado: I agree, this is a great track. Dimitri from Paris seems to have helped himself to plenty of chunks from the album, as well as this song (for 'une very stylish fille'). Incredibly, the LP can be had for around $10 on ebay, and is well worth it.
maita  performed by Doris Monteiro  1976
Recommended by klatu [profile]

A very nice uptempo Brazilian number so much of the same cloth as Elis Regina's "zazueira" and "bicho de matto" that I was surprised that Jorge Ben didn't write it. The album as a whole is definitely one that grows on you with each listen, but this track will hit you the first time out.

from Agora, available on CD (EMI/Odeon Japan)

  04 Feb 03 ·eftimihn: Wow, just wanted to recommend this one myself realizing i'm just a couple of days too late. Anyway, this is a great track indeed just like "Dia De Feira", also from "Agora"...
previsao do tempo  performed by Marcos Valle  1973
Recommended by klatu [profile]

I arbitrarily chose the title track, as this is a very flowing album that needs to be listened to in one piece. Very experimental use of Brazilian sounds. It seems like Garra is the popular Valle of the period, but I give the edge on this one and Vento Sul. His other masterpiece is "Samba '68", with the best of his early compositions arranged and produced into their perfect forms by Deodato.

from Previsao Do Tempo, available on CD (EMI/Odeon Japan)

sweets for my sweet  performed by The Carnival  1969
Recommended by klatu [profile]

Another Brazil '66 knockoff band, maybe not as solid as the Mendes-endorsed Bossa Rio, but they did do a nice version of the Roger Nichols track "love so fine". More importantly, they did this, a cover of one of the Drifter's less memorable hits, done over with a very punchy, immediate arrangement. More aggressive than most of Sergio's stuff. Nice Peanuts, Guaraldi/Schroeder style piano intro! Recorded in L.A. with a few studio guns on board. (added later) Maybe I have velveeta pumping through my heart, but I do enjoy this whole album, even the pretty bad version of turn, turn, turn.

from The Carnival, available on CD (Vivid (Japan))

Cordeiro De Nanã  performed by João Gilberto  1980
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Just one minute and twenty seconds long, this a perfectly distilled piece of Brazilian pop/mood music. The song consists of a simple, beautiful chord progression, which is repeated over and over. João sings a simple vocal over his guitar, and then some brass and strings come in to join him. The arrangement is stunning: sweeping and beautiful, with a delicate, sparkly sound at the beginning and end. It sounds very like the work of Claus Ogerman (who arranged the tracks on 'Amoroso', which appears on the same CD), but in fact, it's arranged by Johnny Mandel. Although this was recorded in 1980, it has a timeless feel. The entire Amoroso/Brasil CD is quite incredible. It took a few listens to really hit home, but has now become one of my 'desert island discs'.

from Brasil
available on CD - Amoroso/Brasil (Warner Brothers)

  01 Nov 05 ·barry_c: I agree, a beautiful, beautiful tune. You should check out the original version of this tunes, by Os TincoŃs:
  02 Dec 05 ·kfigaro: I really love very much this song with these subtile orchestration of Johnny Mandel me two, and I also know the original version of Os TincoŃs (1977) which is very different and with verses that J.Gilberto don't sing... Thalma de Freitas also sing this dreamy tunes in her album (2004) _______________________
  28 Aug 07 ·delicado: Just listening to this again a few years after my initial recommendation. It really does encapsulate a lot of the mysterious, seductive elements of Brazilian music for me.
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