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Always  performed by Pet Shop Boys  2003
Recommended by Mike [profile]

For me the best song produced by the Pet Shop Boys for a few years, this mid-tempo number fuses a philosophical yet uplifting lyric with a typically intense, harmonically interesting PSB synth backing. The melody is beautiful and the song and arrangement are considerably more musically daring than much of the contents of their rather disappointing album "Release", which, in its standard single disc form, inexplicably omits this song.

"Always" is available on US limited edition two disc sets of "Release" and on disc one of the "Home and Dry" CD singles.

available on CD - Home and Dry CD1

Liberation  performed by Pet Shop Boys  1993
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Lush electronica from the masters of the art. In the early 1990s, the Pet Shop Boys produced some of the finest electronic pop ever heard. This lyrical, optimistic song is a superb example. "Your love is liberation".

from Very, available on CD (EMI)

Se a vida é  performed by Pet shop boys
Recommended by moondog [profile]

One of the most untypical tennant/lowe compositions. A latin drenched number filled with a joyfullness that is quite unlike anything else in their catalogue. Not their biggest hit and maybe not their best but I find myself returning to it more than any of their other songs. Of course the melacholia is there in the shape of Neil Tennants voice but contrary to his other vocal performances here he seems, well, in lack of a better word, reliefed somehow.

To the shore  performed by Pet Shop Boys  2005
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Dark, majestic, tender, subtle instrumental music which is of immense quality and beauty. There are several other high points on's very worthy of investigation!

Unfortunately the British CD has nasty copy control technology on it which I'm pretty certain is going to stop me listening to it on an mp3 player. Oh well...

from Battleship Potemkin, available on CD (Parlophone)

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