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Dreams Never End  performed by New Order  1981
Recommended by Genza [profile]

New Order fans always love Technique. So do I. Some prefer Brotherhand, Lowlife - or the substandard Republic. But for me, there's only one Movement.

Slated by critics for sounding like a doomy post Joy Division clone - the album actually benefits from sharp rhythm guitar and sustained synth chords.

Key moment is the awesome Dreams Never End. The song thrashes around like a caged beast. And it's only brought down by bass player Peter Hook's dreary singing - but hey, I can live with that.

from Movement (Factory Fact 50)

  08 Mar 02 ·delicado: This track is utterly spine-tingling. I like the Technique album, but it really doesn't have the intensity of the best early tracks. It's worth noting that this track sounds instrumentally exactly like mid-80s Cure.
  28 Jan 05 ·zazz: erm.....dreams never end is a masterpiece for the very reason that hookies vocals are in stark contrast ....probably my favourite new order/joy division track...probably an accidental classic.
Round & Round  performed by New Order  1989
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

"Technique" is widely regarded as New Orders best album and i surely second that opinion: No fillers, all killers and the balance between "live" sounding songs and balearic, synthesized songs is just perfect. "Round & Round" falls in the latter category: Energetic, multi-layered, sequenced synth stuff going on, with some guitar by Sumner and, for me most importantly probably, Peter Hook's distinctive, emotional bass sound. I guess it's Hook's hooks i dig the most in the New Order soundscape, always delivering a consistency in their sound over many musical changes during the years. It's unmatched for me how that man evokes such emotions and melody out of a bass guitar.

from Technique, available on CD (Factory)

  11 Oct 04 ·kohl: yes. awesome song.
Sooner Than You Think  performed by New Order  1985
Recommended by Bazz [profile]

My favorite New Order track. It starts out very timid but gradually builds up. The moment the synths kick in made me shiver the first time I've heard it. The lyrics are rather childish, but I usually don't care about those anyway.

from Brotherhood, available on CD

  03 Mar 05 ·kohl: agreed. it is an amazing song.

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