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The Most Important Man Alive  performed by Momus  1997
Recommended by tinks [profile]

This accursed short attention span of mine makes it nearly impposible for me to pay attention to lyrics. But Momus has a definite savoir-faire that just keeps me riveted. Nick Currie does his usual sardonic "thang" on this acoustic-guitar-and-sequencer ballad about just how great Howard DeSoto is. "I am/quite simply/the most important man alive." Makes me want to go to Montparnasse, too. Only available on Bungalow's "Suite: 98" compilation.

from Suite: 98, available on CD (Bungalow)

i want you, but i don't need you  performed by Momus  1997
Recommended by king8egg [profile]

i'm more familiar with momus because of the songs he has written for kahimi karie, but upon hearing this song i knew i had to own the album it came from. the music is sort of whimsical reminding me of fairgrounds for some reason. but the lyrics are what hooked me. with lines like "i lick you, i like you to like me to lick you. but i don't need you. if your pleasure turned into pain i'd still lick for my personal gain. la la la." i knew i had to hear more.

from ping pong, available on CD

The Seventh Wife Of Henry VIII  performed by Kahimi Karie  2000
Recommended by jeanette [profile]

Always a marriage made in heaven: the voice of Karie, a J-pop queen with a whispery, heavily accented turn of phrase and the convoluted, utterly expressive lyrics of Momus.

She positions herself as Tudor successor to Catherine Parr and, although adopting a cavalier attitude to the facts of English history ("his first six wives had their heads chopped off" - er, no they didn't) the image of a vastly overweight and gout-ridden Henry playing Greensleeves on a lute to a waifish Japanese woman is charming.

Plenty of what I'm presuming are geniune Tudor instruments such as the Hand-Pumped Regal, Sackbutt and Dulcion, performed by the Dufay Collective.

from Journey To The Centre Of Me, available on CD

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