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The Most Important Man Alive  performed by Momus  1997
Recommended by tinks [profile]

This accursed short attention span of mine makes it nearly impposible for me to pay attention to lyrics. But Momus has a definite savoir-faire that just keeps me riveted. Nick Currie does his usual sardonic "thang" on this acoustic-guitar-and-sequencer ballad about just how great Howard DeSoto is. "I am/quite simply/the most important man alive." Makes me want to go to Montparnasse, too. Only available on Bungalow's "Suite: 98" compilation.

from Suite: 98, available on CD (Bungalow)

The Wiggely Cat Walk!  performed by Montparnasse  2000
Recommended by tinks [profile]

One of the coolest-sounding things from the past couple of years! A very funky breakbeat, odd sound effects, wordless vocals and an organ sample come together in this very chic (and very Japanese) melting pot. This comes to us from Masanori Ikeda, who was a longtime resident DJ at Blow-Up in London (DJ Nori) and also records under the guises of Mansfield and the High Yummies.

from Escalator Records, Tokyo, available on CD (Bungalow)

Maybe in the next life  performed by Cinnamon  1999
Recommended by delicado [profile]

What a depressing yet beautiful song... I was thinking of recommending this when I first heard it, but today it fits my mood better and I feel compelled to do so. Bertrand Burgalat's production mixes modern beats and bleepy sound with strings, alongside Cinnamon's old-school tuneful indie guitar pop with a female vocalist. God, this song is depressing; did I say that yet? But it's one of those depressing songs that's actually glorious to hear, accompanied as it is by beautiful, rousing music. The vocal is rather tender; as if she's sympathetic about what a fuckup the listener is.

Those uplifting lyrics in full (actually, there's more, but I'll spare you):
"when you were young/you had the sun in your eyes/the grass was greener/the days were sweeter/in the next life/you know where you came from, but there's no sparkle in your eyes/you're gonna die/and there's nothing in between to shout about'.

Why would you want to listen to something like that? I'm not sure, but I have it on repeat play today; check it out!

available on CD - The genius of Bertrand Burgalat (Bungalow)

  18 Jan 04 ·bobbyspacetroup: I'm a big fan of this song as well. The album this if from, Vertigo, is worth picking up if you can find it. Louis Philippe arranged the strings on it with Burgalat producing. I hope this isn't all we are going to hear from Cinnamon.

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