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shiver  performed by coldplay
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

  25 Sep 05 ·Mike: Great review, though I personally can't agree with everything you've put as I have a strong preference for Natalie Imbruglia's version.
  25 Sep 05 ·eftimihn: Nice one, Mike! ;-)
where is my boy?  performed by faultline
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

featuring chris martin.
what it would sound like if radiohead and coldplay collaborated. don't count on it.

  08 Sep 05 ·konsu: It would sound like "Radioplay".
  09 Sep 05 ·cleanfun: hmm, i think Coldhead would sound fun. =)
casimir pulaski day  performed by sufjan stevens
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

from illinois

  12 Sep 05 ·olli: how about writing something to accompany your recommendations? A couple of sentences about why you like the song, images that pop up in your head when you hear it, or anything else that may help us connect with it and make us want to hear it, really. A recommendation that is devoid of some sort od emotional investment is basically worthless..Wich is a shame, since you seem to have quite good taste in music.
bittersweet symphony  performed by the verve
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

  07 Oct 05 ·sinferno: Awesome classic. I love this track every time.
  11 Oct 05 ·adam12: Love this track too. One of the first songs I loaded onto my ipod. I understand they were sued by the Rolling Stones for lifting the string arrangement. For the life of me I can't figure out what song from the Stones it would conflict with. Do you know?
  12 Oct 05 ·rum: Back in the day their manager Andrew Loog Oldham did an album of symphonic versions of stones songs ('The Rolling Stones Songbook'), and it was from his take on 'The Last Time' that the Verve nicked their main riff. No one's gonna mess with the 'Loog' and get away with it!
  22 Oct 05 ·olli: Yeah, I'm really glad to have a copy of the Andrew Oldham album. Now that i've heard the original, I've no reasons left whatsoever to enjoy anything by the Verve...
la pour ca  performed by nada surf
Recommended by morning belle [profile]

  20 Feb 06 ·anakinskywalker: someone gave me the nada surf cd "the weight is a gift". you should let me know if there's anything good on there.
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