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"feels like heaven"  performed by fiction factory  1984
Recommended by kohl [profile]

great song. uplifting and catchy. the intro itself is sheer new wave goodness. makes you happy, makes you dance. one perfect 80s tune.

available on CD - throw the warped wheel out

  09 May 04 ·Mike: Nice to see this one here - great piece of 80s Scottish pop. It was recently re-used with comically altered lyrics in a UK tv advert.
"make me smile (come up and see me)"  performed by steve harley & cockney reject  1975
Recommended by kohl [profile]

this song is brilliant. lyrics quite catchy and fun and the tune is simply great. a nice combination of a music style you just don't seem to hear anymore with lyrics you could almost laugh at, but don't, because it could happen. simply great.

available on CD - best years of our lives

  17 May 04 ·plasticsun: This is a great song - especially Steve Harley's ridiculously affected vocals!
  07 Nov 05 ·popgoestheculture: I absolutely adore Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel!, I think the song 'Man it Was Mean' is my favourite.
"flowers"  performed by rozz williams & gitane demone  1995
Recommended by kohl [profile]

excellent mood. simple music that slowly builds up as the lyrics become more intense.
"this is my favorite sad story,
forget me not or i'll forget myself
i've got quite a few things that i'm afraid of
sometimes i just won't face myself"

available on CD - dream home heartache

  28 Jul 04 ·lauramun: I have just registered and only to say that Flowers is an amazing song.Rozz was amazing...I had forgotten...
"directly from the heart"  performed by the innocents  1982
Recommended by kohl [profile]

rather obscure band. a good intro, sharply delivered lyrics, very catchy chorus. a kind of post-punk vibe.

from the innocents

  25 Aug 05 ·jessicajholcombe: I would love to hear more of this song. Do you know where I can purchase the album or download the music?
"view from a hill"  performed by the chameleons uk  1983
Recommended by kohl [profile]

a very atmospheric song. a quiet intro that slowly builds up. the vocals are frail and mysterious, they feel frail and light. the whole song seems to fade at the end, one keeps expecting it to stop, but it goes on for over six minutes.
it's no "swamp thing" (the obligatory comparison) but a very nice tune nonetheless.

available on CD - script of the bridge

  06 Sep 06 ·callgirlscene: "Atmospheric" as you say. I like that song, and virtually the whole album, Script of the Bridge. It's stood up to many, many listenings. I stumbled across it in 1990. What a nice discovery.

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