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teenie weenie boppie  performed by france gall  1968
Recommended by daidai [profile]

i'm unsure about the year this was recorded but it's a great french pop song. apparently, france is singing about lsd. 'tee-nie wee-nie bopp-ie'is rather infectious.

  26 Apr 01 ·tinks: Yeah, I love this track. It was written by Serge Gainsbourg and recorded in 1967. It was released on the "1968" LP, which is available on CD as a French import. Also includes the great song "Made in France".
  02 May 01 ·tinks: i should also mention that the song isn't really about's not really *about* anything. kinda like seinfeld. she just mentions it in there.
  28 May 01 ·daidai: yeh, i really wasn't too sure about this. i was merely going off of information from a source. ^.^
contact  performed by brigette bardot
Recommended by daidai [profile]

there is something very modern about this song. it's a timeless tune that was later reworked by godzuki on the album pop romantique. brillant song and my personal bardot favorite.

  29 Apr 01 ·king8egg: pizzicato five do a great version of this song(with kraftwerk samples!) on their album "romantique 96".
  28 May 01 ·daidai: p5's version is great however i think i like godzuki's cover better[just a little] . ^.^
  23 Jun 01 ·Erik: And don't forget John Zorn's brilliant a capella version.
sunday morning  performed by margo guryan  1968
Recommended by daidai [profile]

i love this psyche sounding classic. the backing track vocals compliment one another perfectly. i love the strings in this song. a little poppy but rocking.

from take a picture

  28 Jun 01 ·delicado: I agree that this is quite brilliant. I've had the Spanky and our Gang version of this for a few years, and I have to admit I had assumed that they wrote it. But this version is even better! Amazingly rocking and beautiful. The rest of the album is superb as well, don't you agree? I can listen to it all day...
  05 Dec 01 ·tempted: Oh yes, the arrangement and the atmosphere on each and every song by Margo Guryan is so beautiful. The intimate chamber strings, flutes and Margo's voice.. a lot like Claudine Longet's. The version by Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell is a fine one, too.
ces petite riens  performed by jane birkin
Recommended by daidai [profile]

lush cover of the gainsbourg standard. jane's voice fits the tone of the song, not overpowering and never really bursting out into 'song'. brilliant in it's own way.

  03 Mar 04 ·pleasepleaseme: Hi Daidai, Which album is the Jane Birkin Track From?

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