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Les Fleur  performed by Minnie Riperton  1971
Recommended by Pal [profile]

One of my all time favorite songs.

available on CD - Les Fleur (EMI)

  13 Aug 06 ·jandek: recently discovered this myself, WOW! I guess I'd describe it as sort of psychedelic soul, the uplifting feeling I get when the chorus kicks in is truley need for drugs! This is one of the most beautiful life afirming songs I've heard...
  16 Aug 06 ·ambassador: Minnie Riperton's voice is stellar as always, but what really shines, for me, on this song is the HUGE arrangement, courtesy of maestro Charles Stepney. Check out the earlier version of the song w/o lyrics on Ramsey Lewis' album, Maiden Voyage, also featuring Stepney arrangements.
Strawberryletter 23  performed by Shuggie Otis  1974
Recommended by Pal [profile]

Absolutely stunning track. If you like music at all you must have this.

from Inspiration Information, available on CD

  02 Oct 03 ·tinks: it is a great song, even if it was in a cereal commercial. and i think i like the brothers johnson's hit cover of it just as much as the original.
  15 Mar 04 ·olli: hey, don't forget aht uh mi hed. it's one of the two absolutely fantastic songs on the album. too bad his comeback flopped, i think the reissue of inpiration information was too hyped, those who were expecting "THE LOST GENIUS OF SOUL" were disappointed... still, i think his work is pretty interesting. its worth checking out some of the recordings made by his father johnny otis, too. pretty good stuff.
The Way Young Lovers Do  performed by Van Morrison  1968
Recommended by Pal [profile]

The absolutely best white soul song I know!

available on CD - Astral Weeks (Warner Bros.)

  07 Jan 04 ·umbrellasfollowrain: Oh wow, this is a wonderful song. Practically clausterphobic in its arrangment, it's still spacious and brings you this heightened state, as though something is just about to happen. The lyrics sound as though they should be sentimental, nostalgic fare but they sound almost tormented and full of hyper anger. Like the Tasmanian Devil in love.
Guess Im Dumb  performed by Glen Campbell  1965
Recommended by Pal [profile]

An totally amazing Brian Wilson song!

available on CD - The Brian Wilsons Productions (Aze Records)

  14 Apr 05 ·Goes Up To 11: As you might know, after the first few Beach Boys albums, Brian Wilson stopped touring with the group and stayed back in LA to write songs and record instrumental tracks for the next album while the band was out on the road. Somebody had to fill in for Brian with the touring band, and for a while that someone was Glen Campbell. So the story is that Brian gave this song to Glen Campbell as a thank you. A great cover version appears on the Wondermints' 2000 UK reissue of the album "Wonderful World of the Wondermints." The Wondermints, a great LA band in their own right, now form the core of Brian Wilson's current touring band.
Wichita Lineman  performed by Sammy Davis Jr  1970
Recommended by Pal [profile]

Nice version of Jim Webbs classic!

from Something For Everyone (Motown)

  29 May 08 ·commonsense: Glenn Cambell covers this delightfully a radio favourite..

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