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Les Fleur  performed by 4 Hero  2001
Recommended by macka [profile]

I got this CD from a mate a while back and I didn't take the time to sit down and listen to it until about a week ago, that was a mistake! This is a great tune with quite haunting vocals, which remind me of Scarborough fair in a strange way, uplifting chorus mixed with great double base sound.

available on CD - Creating Patterns

  11 Mar 03 ·konsu: Wow! This came up at random and I was suprised to see no mention of Minnie Riperton at all ! This is a remix of an amazing tune by Charles Stepney that he wrote for Minnie's "Come to my Garden" LP. It seems no one has heard this incredible record! Please, please buy it! It just became available on CD again in the USA and it's about time! I love 4 hero's take on it, they show the utmost respect to their influences just as any good sample artists should. Check out their D&B albums under the monikers "Jacobs Optical Stairway" & "Tek9" as well! Kudos!!
  14 Mar 03 ·hewtwit: Most music lovers in the UK know the original tune from Giles Peterson's amazing INCredible double mix cd. Anyone who's not heard this classic should get it right now - excellent tunes. Years later when 4 hero came out with this remix we were all pretty disgusted. they added nothing interesting! It's just a longer version of the original! For a great 4 hero remix - check out black hole of the sun on the same mix cd mentioned above!
Les Fleur  performed by Minnie Riperton  1971
Recommended by Pal [profile]

One of my all time favorite songs.

available on CD - Les Fleur (EMI)

  13 Aug 06 ·jandek: recently discovered this myself, WOW! I guess I'd describe it as sort of psychedelic soul, the uplifting feeling I get when the chorus kicks in is truley need for drugs! This is one of the most beautiful life afirming songs I've heard...
  16 Aug 06 ·ambassador: Minnie Riperton's voice is stellar as always, but what really shines, for me, on this song is the HUGE arrangement, courtesy of maestro Charles Stepney. Check out the earlier version of the song w/o lyrics on Ramsey Lewis' album, Maiden Voyage, also featuring Stepney arrangements.

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