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farawayfriend [profile] has commented on 2 tracks.
Indian Ocean  performed by Field Mice  1990
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A beautiful guitar pop track, with superbly recorded 12 string and electric guitars, and an immaculately serious, yet shy vocal. Hearing it now, I'm amazed at how well this track has aged. To me, the beauty of the song lies more in the intricacy of its guitar parts than any musical or lyrical innovation. The guitar playing recalls the best indie guitar music of the 80s, particularly Johnny Marr. I remember seeing the band not long after this record came out. The guitarist seemed very shy, and faced the side of the stage, staring into his Rickenbacker. To cap all of this brilliance, this song features a superb fake ending, after which the instrumental refrain comes back in for a final few glorious moments.

from So Said Kay (Sarah Records SARAH 38)
available on CD - Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way? (Shinkansen Recordings)

  10 Jun 04 ·farawayfriend: The field mice are one of the great unknown pop bands... a truly gorgeous song by an amazing artist.
Cigarettes and Lies  performed by The Lightning Seeds  1999
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Excellent track in which rather Beatley-sounding vocals are married with some nice synthesized sounds. It took me several minutes of thinking to remember what it is that the verse of this reminds me of - it's the title track from Procol Harum's second album "Shine on Brightly".

from Tilt, available on CD (Epic/Sony)

  10 Jun 04 ·farawayfriend: A great song, by a typically underrated British pop artist - how many Americans have ever heard of Ian Broudie and are aware of his musical output? The man is a genius. The break in this song is gorgeous. "There were times or moments we'd steal when i wish that time stood still knowing it won't but hoping it will oh, i'm hoping it will"

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