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River Deep Mountain High  performed by Celine Dion  1997
Recommended by ajhorse21 [profile]

Powerful vocals... the verses have a strange and different tune- they sound almost like Celine's making it up as she goes along, but in a good way. Even if this isn't her most heartfelt song, it is very good and fun to listen to.

available on CD - VH1 Divas Live

  07 May 05 ·delicado: Celine Dion recommendations are like buses - you wait 5 years and then two come along at once!
  09 May 05 ·n-jeff: You should listen to the Ike and Tina Turner version, produced by Mr Spector P himself.
Mighty doesn't do it justice: it sounds like it's sung from the top of a mountain with the forcefulness to carry it clean across the ocean.

  10 May 05 ·konsu: I'm a digger of Harry Nilsson's version myself... But I agree with n-jeff, the Ike & Tina version is definative. I haven't heard the Celine version, but I imagine it being housed-up... ick.
  11 May 05 ·n-jeff: Harry Nilsson, eh? Interesting choice of cover for him, being something of a non-bombast type. I'll have to find that. Thanks konsu!
  14 May 05 ·konsu: Well... I wouldn't call his version bombastic, but it picks up nicely on the energy of the original without leaving it in their court. It appears on his debut "Pandemonium Shadow Show".I would have to say his earlier work just contains more verve in general. I would also recommend his "A Little Schmilsson in the Night" LP to any Celine fan. His range as a vocalist cannot be underestimated.
ice hockey hair  performed by super furry animals  1998
Recommended by your_namesake [profile]

approaching bands with a back catalogue as large and diverse as super furry animals can be daunting, but sometimes perserverence brings enormous rewards. i'd like to recommend 'ice hockey hair' on the basis that whilst it doesn't appear on any of the band's studio albums, it is for me one of the tracks that best illustrates what they are about. for all their innovation and diversity it's driving, melodic songs like this that are always at heart of the furries' records and long may they continue.

from out spaced, available on CD

  14 May 05 ·delicado: I agree that this is a wonderful track. I actually never picked up their last album; is it good? (phantom power, I think it's called)
Frances and Her Friends  performed by Frances Faye  1958
Recommended by almosteva [profile]

Frances and partner Teri wrote this song about their friends. It includes Fran's bother and sister in law (Marty and Vivie), and her poodles, Suzy and Cuddles. It was one of the first gay themed songs to be included with standards on a mainstream album. It is silly, energetic and rhthymic. Fran's voice is a gas. Learm more about Frances online at the Fabulous Frances Faye Archive. Mark Murphy redid the song and credited it to himself on his Lucky to be Me 2002 CD.

from Caught in the Act, available on CD

  15 May 05 ·delicado: Fantastic to see a Frances Faye recommendation here. I'm a huge, huge fan of her work, although oddly enough I only picked up 'Caught in the act' quite recently. Have you heard the album she did with Russ Garcia on Verve - 'In Frenzy'? Amazing stuff - wild bongo-ridden, brassy, dramatic takes on mostly Latin standards. An incredible performer - I wish I'd been around to catch one of her performances!
  16 May 05 ·almosteva: Frenzy is one of Faye's best studio albums. Garcia really brings out Faye's unique sound by contrasting it with such strong Latin flavor. I don't know anything else that sounds like it. I am glad you found "Caught in the Act" that is my favorite Faye. Her later concerts were even more wild.
Get With You  performed by DMX Krew  1999
Recommended by StinkyMarco [profile]

This is a song by a one-man band, the DMX Krew. He's from England, and he uses only recording equipment and instruments that predate 1985. As you might guess, this guy has an affinity for a trademark 80s synth sound...but this song somewhat deviates from his normal style.
This song is fast, catchy as all get out, and features some of the most striking robot vocals I've ever heard in a song. There's a catchy guitar riff throughout, with a jet distortion sound that makes you feel like you're on an airplane, with a driving electronic beat under it that will make you want to move your head about. This song is just utterly fantastic. I work in a record store and have reccommended it to many people, and I've yet to meet a person who already knew this song...or that didn't instantly LOVE this song. I've gotten hoards of people hooked on this band.

from We Are DMX, available on CD

  26 May 05 ·frmars: Sigh... How dishonest one can be... Tempted allured by the short text above, I spent some time looking for this ignored genius that "hoards of people" got hooked on. I found myself with an extremely shallow new-wave, something half way between a tasteless copy of human league and a gross imitation of Howard Jones, with sometimes a talentless allusion to New order... Alas, the whole album is just a piece of... very very bad music.
  26 May 05 ·StinkyMarco: Sorry you didn't like it...I enjoyed it because its a cheesy synth setting that has somewhat desperate lyrics (simple and yet better than anything Human League could come up with)...But "dishonest" is hardly the case. It's a matter of taste, my discerning friend. If I were dishonest I would tell you to listen to this even though I personally think its crap (not the case--this is a reccomendatio, after all)...And yes, "hoards of people" is not an exagerration.
  27 May 05 ·delicado: Don't worry about it Marco - if you check out mr. frmars's other comments you'll see that he's basically Marvin the paranoid android.
  27 May 05 ·StinkyMarco: Wow, couldn't agree more.
  28 May 05 ·frmars: which might be a compliment from biffa bacon and son...
  07 Oct 05 ·sinferno: frmars, you dont know what you are talking about... dmx krew took generic dance music and perfected it. everything ed dmx does is classic. this shit is catchy and yeah its dancy, but its composed so well. new order? human league? give me a break.
Julia  performed by Ramsey Lewis  1969
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This one really has everything, to me. I'm not a connoisseur of the Beatles's 'White album', but I'm completely crazy about Ramsey Lewis's superb LP in tribute to it. The entire album has a delicious balance of crisp beats, electric piano, strings, and subtle touches of moog, played by the album's producer, Charles Stepney. I've chosen 'Julia' to recommend because I enjoy the way it changes mood - opening mournful and slow, and then getting very funky. But the entire album is really packed with winners; other highlights are a wacky and extremely funky 'back in the USSR', a superb 'Dear Prudence', and a great 'cry baby cry'.

from Mother Nature's Son (Cadet)

  31 Aug 05 ·vince: Is there any way to get the whole album Mother Nature's Son on CD?
  01 Sep 05 ·delicado: yes, there's a Japanese CD, which you could probably get via It really is a wonderful album (for those that like this kind of thing!)
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