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i heard it through the grapevine  performed by the slits  1979
Recommended by olli [profile]

brilliant version of the marvin gaye classic. the funk bassline, primitive drumming and the sheer energy of ari up's semi-braying vocals is what makes the song for me. often i find the slits' songs a bit directionless, but this one really hits the spot. look into miy window while this is playing. chances are i'll be doing some sort of jerky white guy- dance.

available on CD - cut (bonus track) (antilles)

  11 Feb 05 ·Ricard: Totally agree... straight from the ominous chanty intro and drum break this one really makes you want to dance.
London  performed by Noonday Underground
Recommended by diamon [profile]


  10 Feb 05 ·olli: don't mean to piss on your parade, but wouldn't it be nice to have at least a little bit of information about the song? why you like it, some kind of descripton of the general mood or anything else that would get people geared up to hear it?
  23 Feb 05 ·Ricard: This song from a couple of years ago manages to have a great sixties mod feel to it. Very Curt Boettcher influenced, which is always good. Don't be put off by the fact that Paul Weller likes them... this time his taste isn't as afwul as usual!
fell in love at 22  performed by starflyer 59
Recommended by olli [profile]

I'm not usually too big on this kind of indie pop, but this is just gorgeus. Melancholy lyrics, slow picked guitar, piano, church hall ambience...This could have been just about a zillion bands, yet it manages to have a voice of its own.
Just a great song for me right now.

Sounds eerily similar to Magnet, though.

  23 Feb 05 ·Ricard: Christian Rock... aaaggghh!
  24 Feb 05 ·olli: Yeah, i know, they're christian.. So was Johnny Cash. it's not like they're spreading propaganda or anything,and this happens to be a minor classic. The fact that I don't share the personal beliefs of the artists involved has never stopped me from listening to interesting music.. I'm not too narrowminded to shy away from music by buddhists, nazis, italians from the 80's, satanists, mooncat-worshippers or even christians, and neither should you be.
  25 Feb 05 ·rum: I agree olli. Good music is good music whoever's playing it. Narrow-mindedness will only lead to bitterness in old age, bemoaning all the great things you missed out on. I must confess though, ages ago I did once judge little known 80s Bristolian band, the Waxing Gibbons on their MoonCat worshipping beliefs. A mate of mine was really into them, but I was having none of it, wouldn't listen to their, "mumbo jumbo music". Then one time he played some stuff without me knowing who it was, and I was like, "woah, what is THIS?!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Absolutely awful.
  03 Mar 05 ·Ricard: Hmmm. You sound like some sort of preacher to me Olli... a Christian Preacher!!! Using the innocent world of Musical Taste to spread your sinister "Italians from the 80's" message to society's more susceptible elements. Despicable
  17 Mar 05 ·olli: Magnificent creatures, mooncats. Indeed. Take a look for yourself:
guns of brixton  performed by nouvelle vague  2004
Recommended by olli [profile]

bossa nova version! superb cover of the clash classic. highly recommended.

from nouvelle vague (peacefrog)

  11 Mar 05 ·Ricard: Love this version... it's all slowed down, and it makes it sound so menacing!
The Lady in Red  performed by Chris de Burgh  1986
Recommended by popgoestheculture [profile]

The best song ever.

from Into the Light, available on CD (A&M)

  10 Jun 04 ·eftimihn: A strong statement, which is debatable to say the least...
  12 Jun 04 ·camus: Surely not, I just can't grasp what angle you're coming from, an obtuse one I believe, or is that a triangle, whatever, it's mathematically insane.
  15 Oct 04 ·roberto: Hmmm, I thought "Burning Love" performed by Elvis Presley is the best song ever...
  17 Oct 04 ·konsu: Personally, I could never make up my mind on that one. Which I somehow find comforting.
  17 Oct 04 ·olli: actually, it's pretty cool if you pitch it down about 400% and adjust the speed back to normal. that makes him sound like a romantically inclined orc or something.
  17 Mar 05 ·Ricard: Yes, listen to this version by V/VM at It sounds just like Olli's description!!! "Romantically inclined orc"
  17 Mar 05 ·eftimihn: This is funny sounding indeed, the whole song takes on a whole new quality with a very dark and disturbingly menacing feel. Could now also be called "The ogre in red"...

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